In Kayseri, public transportation was made

Kayseri Public Transportation Transportation was held: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has made arrangements for public transportation fee tariff.
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality regulated public transport fare tariff.
According to a written statement from the municipality, 35 day term, 50 boarding students and full subscriber card application were decided in order not to adversely affect the passengers and students who use public transportation.
The app will be passed from 1 April. 35 50 87 pounds 50 pounds 57 pounds per cent 50 penny 1 pounds 75 penny 1 pounds 15 penny per day, the price of discounted subscription card students use. Full subscriber card users XNUMX lira XNUMX dormitory, discounted subscriber card if those who use XNUMX lira XNUMX will continue to use the dime public transport.
In order to prevent the students from being affected more than the price increases by the decision of the Municipal Assembly, 20 for each student for 65 Kurus, free boarding card holder, 60 for over age, martyrs, veterans and XNUMX for disabled passengers. She received.
The statement includes the following information about the new fare tariff after the decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center:
“Full card: 2,10 lira, student card: 1,30 lira, teacher card: 1,75 lira, 1 board magnetic paper ticket: 2,50 lira, full subscription 50 pass: 87,50 lira (single boarding 1,75, 50 lira), student subscription 57,50 pass: 1,15 lira (single boarding XNUMX lira) ”
The 1.85-ticket magnetic transfer paper ticket, previously priced at 1 TL, was increased to 2.50 TL.
Additional transfer prices for the ticket category were determined as 30 for each boarding pass.



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