Haydarpaşa Station Restoration

Restoration of the Haydarpaşa Station What is the case: Haydarpaşa Station does not know anyone knew a lot of restoration process to begin. Heverturk Gazetesi has explored this historical place and received information about the restoration "from the inside".
Ece Ulusum: "You are waiting for my uncle in vain ...
“Last month, after our Yerebatan Cistern adventure, many readers wrote that“ you have made my dream come true ”that we wanted to continue the series in a mysterious and story-telling place. After the night with Medusa, encouragement came, we met for a few places we were considering. Some made an appointment months later, others years later. So what were we going to do now? Mehmet Emin, "How would you like to spend a night there before Haydarpaşa Train Station is under restoration?" he asked and solved everything with a phone call. Station Manager Veysi Bey liked our opinion very much. Including Mert Toker in the "1 Night There" team, we went to Haydarpaşa Train Station one evening. Luckily the weather is cold, we all dressed in layers. Especially Mehmet Emin exaggerated the work, wore 2 thermal underwear and 2 woolen socks one after the other. At one point he even said “I think I will be gangrene”, we all collapsed!
We were just going in, so the security chief stopped us, wanted to see our documents. He said, ”We've had permission, we'll be stuck. Emin The chef turned the document over and turned the picture; "Well, but here 'I want to stay at the Haydarpasa Station' you wrote, you did not write in the remaining" do not say? From Allah, Veysi Bey stepped in and got in.
As someone who never got on a train from Haydarpaşa Train Station, I said to Sema, "Think about it, this is the last place you saw when you left Istanbul, farewell to its walls." Meanwhile, Mert was photographing every moment without forgiving. I saw the sign at the entrance that said "Independenta". First I read the event, then I started laughing. "Why are you laughing?" I started telling my father's story, too, to ours who asked. Year 1979, winter. There was a famous coffee house in Karagümrük, Vefa Ünlüler Coffeehouse. In the evening, when they were playing cards, a thud broke and the sky turned red. İsmail Altıntoprak, the headman of the neighborhood, said, “The moon exploded !! The moon has exploded !! ” he started screaming. All of the people in the Hurra coffeehouse were poured into the street, the headman made a "Forward" sign with his hand and said, "Run to the walls, lava cannot pass through there." 45-50 men in the coffeehouse gathered people from the street and ran all the way to Edirnekapı. One of them even ran with a cue because he had double okey, and no one helped those who fell to the ground. Some jumped down from Vefa Stadium, some were hit by a car… As they were approaching the walls, the redness in the sky suddenly disappeared. When my father saw the television in the gas station, they understood the incident, it turns out that two tankers collided right in front of Haydarpaşa. They laughed a lot because they first believed that the moon exploded and lava flowed into Karagümrük, and then they followed the developments without breathing. At that time, this issue was in the newspapers or something.
The restoration works initiated at 2016 are expected to be completed within 500 days.
“When we listened to these, ours started to laugh too, we kept saying“ The moon exploded ”all night long. But the truth of the matter was that the incident was quite sad, the fire that broke out when the Independenta tanker hit the Greek-flagged cargo ship Evriyali lasted for 27 days.The explosion that took place in the first moments of this incident also damaged the Haydarpaşa Train Station. While we were wandering around Haydarpaşa Train Station, Selahattin Sevinç, night watchman, said, "Don't go too far, we don't have that many security guards and cameras." At first, we wouldn't mind, but as the night progressed, the wagons were deeply dark. One always hears a voice when one hears it. At one point, a door opened due to the wind, and when we came across an abandoned children's bicycle, we were very anxious and to relax, we went to Mythos, the famous place of Haydapaşa, and had a cup of tea, and talked to the waiters from the old. Whoever we ask, he definitely has a memory about the station. But the most impressive was the following: Last week, an elderly uncle came to buy a suitcase and a train ticket and waited for hours for the teller to open. Finally, one of the waiters noticed and said "Uncle, you are waiting for nothing, Haydarpaşa Train Station has been closed for a long time." Uncle was hardly convinced. A silence… That night we walked all over the train station. The security guards did not allow us to go to the burning floor, but we visited the other floors. The interior of the building, full of 80s posters, old carpets and paintings hanging on the wall, seemed to have been frozen in time. The weather got very cold, we got tired of touring and we set up our tent in the most windless corner of the station after much effort. None of the things we feared happened, but the playing cats attacked our tent! As he was drinking coffee with a thermos and fencing the seeds, the station door suddenly opened. Suddenly I fell silent, Sema was deeply buried in her coat, and Emin said, "It's a cat, it's a cat." It is 02.00 am, two young men. Someone has a camera in his hand and they greeted us. Turns out there were a lot of people wandering around to take pictures at night. It's not just photographers; graffiti, homeless people, those who want to brew, and of course those who want to hide… We also saw how Haydarpaşa Train Station woke up in the morning; the sound of seagulls, the whistles of the steamer and the shadow of the calling station falling into the sea (Payidar: the one who will live forever).
This month, while I was thinking about where to stay under the aşa 1 Night ak project, Haydarpasa Station came to my mind. The team was very excited. We didn't have much hope, TCDD 1 anyway. I called the Passenger Service Manager Veysi Alçınsu. He knew little about what we did, ıl Business is very nice, I was excited but first you need permission from the press consultancy in Ankara “I hugged the phone again. This time I recalled our request by calling Ahmet Duman from the press consultancy. She said they'd love to. In short, while we thought our business would be difficult, the helpful voices at the end of the phone made everything easier, so it was possible for us to spend one night at Haydarpaşa Train Station.
It was known to be an exciting night for us; Spending one last night before restoration was an idea that everyone would enjoy. Ours was both a farewell and a welcome… Although Haydarpaşa Train Station has undergone many restorations so far. First, it was burnt down by the flaming of ammunition in wagons carrying weapons during World War I; got back up and running quickly. It underwent a building-based repair between 1-1937, by removing the stones damaged in the fire with the rotting technique and placing new stones made of the same material. In 38, the lead used in the stained glass of the building was melted and the windows and frames were damaged due to the explosion and high temperature that occurred as a result of the collision of a Romanian tanker named Independenta with a Greek cargo ship, off Haydarpaşa Train Station. Stained glass, the work of a master named O'Linneman, was repaired in accordance with the original. The restoration of 1979 towers with 4 exterior facades was completed in 2. After the fire in 1983 that we all remember, the fourth floor became unusable. Renovation work began on all train lines in Turkey on 2010 February 1 and Haydarpasa Train Station was closed for use in this process.
Let's get to today… This year Haydarpaşa Train Station is preparing for a new restoration. According to the information we received from Press Counselor Ahmet Duman, the remaining parts of the burning roof section will be restored in accordance with the original. Inside the building, the service units of the business will be preserved and completely renovated in accordance with today's conditions. In addition, the facade will be cleaned and the stone, iron and wooden parts will be repaired. Considering all these, it made more sense for us to spend a night at Haydarpaşa Train Station. I had the impression that this place was always crowded when I watched his images in the cinema and on TV. At the end of that night when I went and saw it for the first time, the empty state of the station felt sad and heartbreaking to me. Nevertheless, Haydarpaşa Train Station was a wonderful place for me that I would never forget.
Haydarpaşa Train Station looks from our house. The walking distance is only 10 minutes… As you can see, this wonderful place is always in front of me… Moreover, one of the best things for me to board the ferry every day is to pass by Haydarpaşa Train Station accompanied by an army of seagulls. I feel myself lucky. For this reason, when it was understood that we were going to Haydarpaşa Train Station as the second stop of the “1 Night There” section in HT Pazar, I was blown away. It was not new to me, I knew; When I was little, my father took my hand and put me on the train, and when I grew up, I interviewed some literary figures at the little teahouse right on the shore… When I was an Instagram freak, I went and took pictures of the world's most photogenic building… I knew, I thought I knew. But I had never spent a night there before, I had never sat in the tavern named Mythos and had a shot twice, and I hadn't even thought of going upstairs… I hadn't set the sun down and wandered around the beach feeling cold at sunrise.
4's biggest restoration works will be started at Haydarpaşa Station.
So, I met with Ece, Sema, Emin and Mert who just joined the team in the evening of a day when there was heavy snow. I felt like a ball, because I knew it was going to be cold in the night, and whatever I found, I put it on me. I would have to wear a coat over a coat and a coat after a sweater, but it could have been absolutely terrible from an aesthetic point of view.
I do not extend; My friends told about what we went through in Haydarpaşa Train Station, sometimes while we were looking around by freezing cold, sometimes trying to tell each other stories while chattering in our makeshift tent. As for the unforgettable moments of the night for me… It was nice to be friends with the station's cats. Visiting Mythos, where I learned that there are many icons that you can think of from Nâzım Hikmet to Salvador Dali among his past guests, and have a cup of tea and eat the delicious desserts they offer… It was great to learn that the same bartender had been working there for 30 years. When I went to the upper floors of the station building, whose corridors were covered with red carpet, I felt like I was literally in Stanley Kubrick's "Shining" movie. Because there was a complete Overlook Hotel atmosphere inside, that is, it was both very beautiful and a bit chilling ...
What Haydarpaşa Train Station made me feel while walking around and walking around the upper floors is: “Not destroyed, standing; moreover, it was breathtakingly beautiful ”feeling. Whereas, what had happened in 108 years ... It was burned as soon as its construction was finished. Later, it was used as an arsenal during both World War I and the War of Independence, and it was again suffering from anguish. It was completely destroyed when the bombs placed on one of the wagons exploded at the end of World War I and it was rebuilt in accordance with its original 1 years after the foundation of the Republic. In 10 it was completely restored. Do you think it's over? The tanker accident in 1976, the fire in 1979… Maybe I should mention the dramas that he witnessed. For example, the Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Turks who were dragged to Aşkale by carrying the heavy burden of the Wealth Tax, which was a cause of embarrassment for us during the depressive days of the Second World War ... İbrahim Fuad Bey, who had to borrow money from a bagel seller in order to buy a ferry ticket ...
Ottoman Sultan 2. The Haydarpasa Train Station, built upon the orders of Abdulhamid, still looked unique to me after I had survived all these things. Because the last fire was ruined, the roof waiting to be restored today; towers, stained-glass windows, the ceiling of the ceiling, the tiny lion figurines waiting at the beginning of the merpens, the huge hours of telling the truth, the trains that seem to be waiting on the day when they are now covered with graffiti, the wagons, the mysterious Haydar Baba Tomb standing silently beyond those wagons, the delightful English cemetery, the cats I feel happy to meet, the night I spent in Haydarpaşa Station with their lonely souls knowing that they would find a safe haven there any time of the night took their place among my memorable memories.
We said to the first security guard, ından We're going to stay here tonight, s and we added it immediately without asking: gece After midnight, I never had a chance to see Haydarpasa Station. Before we entered, we looked at the building that attended the grandeur of splendor with night illumination and we even looked at it.
Our last time after our adventures in the Basilica Cistern, this time our way to many times the beginning of new beginnings and farewell to the historical Haydarpasa Train Station. Unfortunately, I never got on the train from Haydarpasa Train Station. So I guess I was quite excited when the ways to stay at the historic garage were visible to us. The wickedness of the garment did not shudder us in the morning, but it wasn't so much a coward.
Anyway… I have to admit that I was most impressed by the architecture of the station, we could not get enough of watching the beauty inside and outside the building without paying attention to the cold weather all night (I took my guard again in layers of clothes).
I want to talk to you about the details now.
Many of us know; Haydarpaşa Railway Station, Neo-Rönesans An example of classical German architecture in style. The construction of the building was carried out by a German company with 1500 Italian stonemasons. German architects Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno undertook the plan and project of the station building. Meanwhile, architect Cuno, who lived in Istanbul for 8 years, was quite dominant in the city since he had previously renovated the German Hospital, the Embassy of Germany and the renovation of the historical German Fountain in Sultanahmet.
The current usage area of ​​Haydarpasa Train Station is 3836 square meter.
The building, built on the 2525 square meter area, is isolated against water and each one is 21 meters long 1100 pieces on wooden pile. There are those who claim the area is actually a dry river bed. Due to its proximity to the sea, it is believed that it is located within the earthquake zone. The slabs are made of steel, with bricks called 'voltaic flooring' between the steel. Wow!
The construction started at 1906 was completed at 1908, and the opening of the station was made on 19 August 1908, but the entire building was completed by 1909 on November. After the introduction of the station building, the small pier building, which could no longer meet the need, was demolished and a new one was built. As you know in the outer cladding, the yellowish-colored Maltese stone was used, while the ground floor was made of rustika. In addition, the exterior is adorned with geometric and floral ornaments.
The plan of the building is short U-shaped. In the middle of this U plan large and high-ceilinged rooms sorted on both sides of the spacious corridors. The ceilings of the rooms were pre-ornamented with pencil embroidery, but today they were only on the ceiling of a single room. The U plan's 2 arm is on the land side and the middle space is the inner courtyard.
One thousand 100 pieces, 21 meter wood piles were used in the construction of the station. The railway carriage systems were also built using steel frame. 1140 tons of hardwood, 19 6 square meter hardwood, 200 cubic meter lumber, 530 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 13 cubic meters of lime stone used in construction.
On the basis of the building were pink granites brought from Hereke, and open nephti stones from Lefke-Osmaneli. Medium hard stones have been specially selected for being easy to process, resistant to all weather conditions. The roof of the building is made of wood in the form of a steep roof, which is frequently used in German architecture, and a slate roof covering is used in its covering.
There is a big clock on the roof of the southern façade and this is considered one of the landmarks. In contrast to the glamorous look of the façade, the section overlooking the platforms is dominated by simplicity. In the meantime, let me lie, all of us, the eyes of the oldest accessories in the building remained in the applique. I'm amazed at how big, big glass appliques have come so far.

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