Gebzeeye Driverless Metro Coming

2 phase of the first driverless metro line was urgent turkiyenin uskudar Çekmeköy
2 phase of the first driverless metro line was urgent turkiyenin uskudar Çekmeköy

The tender for the Gebze metro line to be built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will be held in February. 1 in the project where the latest technology will be used. At the automation level (GoA4) full automatic driverless subway will serve. High performance, high reliability and low voyage intervals, low operating costs without driver, better respond to passenger demands increases the attractiveness of metros. For these reasons, the fully automated metro system in the world will be implemented on the Gebze line.


This system provides better service with minimum acceleration, braking and operating speed. Accordingly, the passenger's average waiting time is reduced while the passenger is also prevented. The waiting times in the stations can be adjusted from the Control Center according to the conditions. There is more delay in train failures in trains without personnel. The delay time can be corrected by returning the trains at the end stations immediately or by adding spare trains to the system to remove the gaps.


This drive is more difficult to remove because the driver's cabin will take time to change. Since there is no driver in the driverless metro systems, all the interventions and controls made by the driver are made by the Traffic Control Center with the help of electronic systems. In case of train failure, fire, emergency situation, the train is controlled according to the alarm information of the train in the Control Center. All interventions are made by the Control Center.


The GoA1080 driverless metro with a capacity of 4 passengers and consisting of 4 vehicles will be used on the Gebze metro line. The driverless metro will be suitable for 12-second intervals thanks to the signaling equipment on the 15,6-station, 90-kilometer metro line. The 15.6-kilometer metro line between Gebze and Darıca is planned to be completed and put into service in 560 days. The line will have a length of 15.6 kilometers. A total of 32 kilometers of round trip line will be made. 94 percent of the line will run underground. There will even be 12 stations. Transportation between Darıca, Gebze and OIZs will be provided in 19 minutes. 14,7 kilometers of the line will be tunneled and 900 meters will be level.


Maintenance and repair of the Metro vehicles will respond to the maintenance and repair area of ​​the vehicle warehouse and control center at the end of the line will be held in the region of Pelitli. With the planned TCDD Gar station you will be connected with other cities, especially Istanbul via Marmaray and High Speed ​​Train. The journey will start from the first station, Darica Beach Station, 12. and the last station, OSB station, will be completed in a short time such as 19 minutes.

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