Trolley road colliding with the car

Trolley road colliding with the car: South London's Croydon region in the accident that collides with a small car, jumped five meters out of the rails.
Five people were injured in an accident in the waters of 22 at Wellesey Road.
Nick Krofa, a resident of the area, watched the movie War and Peace on television, said he heard loud noises at the front of his apartment, first that he didn't care, but when he came to the window about five minutes later, siren sounds. Krofa was amazed by the scene, saying that he saw a small car collide with the tram.
In They walked away on foot, ı said Nick Krofa, who said he saw a man and a woman at the scene in a bloody way but their situation was good.
Metropolitan Police sözcüSü said that a woman and a man were hospitalized, and two people who were thought to be tram passengers and one child were treated at the scene of the accident.

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