Mayor Çelik Launches Transportation Investments in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, made and ongoing transportation investments introduced to the press and the public. Stating that they are planning the transportation of the next 50 year, Mayor Çelik gave information about the rail system lines, multi-storey intersections and alternative roads made in line with this planning.

The first stop of the Mayor Mustafa Çelik's visual briefing on transportation projects was the Melikgazi Storey Junction on Mustafa Kemal Paşa Boulevard. Expressing that they intend to open the traffic junction at the weekend, Mayor Mustafa Celik said, ede We have implemented a project that befits aesthetics and the city in a short time. We started entering the winter season, we finished at the end of winter. We finished it three months before the construction period. ” Stating that they apply many innovations at the intersection of the President Mustafa Celik, to extend the life of the project 1 meters of rock, 60 centimeters of concrete, including 2 meters to fill and to prevent flooding, they opened large channels to the sides.

Road and multi-storey intersection of traffic continues to flow through the side roads, expressing President Mustafa Celik, General Hulusi Akar Boulevard after the Melikgazi Interchange to provide information about the entrance and exit underpasses. Visual briefing continued with Hulusi Akar Boulevard. Stating that the boulevard extends to Malatya Road and will be a very important axis, Mayor Çelik said, alternatif Kocasinan Boulevard and Sivas Street is a strong alternative. It is true engineering to open roads that will reduce the need for other roads. So you reduce the need for other roads, you can ease the traffic.. There were some difficulties during the opening of the roads; expressing that these difficulties have been overcome, Mayor Çelik said, le On this occasion, I commemorate Aydoğan Aydın Pasha with mercy. Our Commander Brigade Commander Aydin Pasha showed great effort. This way, it was possible for him to pass through the military. ” Farabi Street Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard will be connected to the junction of the intersection stating that the President Steel, also to connect Farabi Street Talas Road Major General Aydogan Aydin Street said they would open. Preparing the protocol for this street and expressing the approval of the military President Mustafa Celik, with the approval of the Ministry of National Defense as soon as possible to start the road construction work, he said.

In a statement he made during the visual briefing, Mayor Çelik gave information about the rail system lines and mentioned the protocol signed at the Ministry of Transportation. 16 In March, 4 day after the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications signed the protocol of the Belsin-City Hospital Tram Line Mayor Celik, said that they closely follow the works and act very quickly. Belsin-City Hospital Line will begin construction of the voicing as soon as possible Steel, Anayurt-Aşık Veysel Boulevard, the tender between the line said they plan to do in April. Çelik We planned the transportation of the next 50 year and started manufacturing in this direction, Başkan he said.

Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard Asik Veysel Boulevard at the exit of the junction expressing a new arrangement to be made President Celik, rail system and pedestrian traffic will be taken out of the vehicle traffic, he said. In the visual briefing on Tavlusun Street, which is the continuation of Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard, Çelik stated that they quickly agreed with the right owners of the houses on the road route to expand the street. We easily reconcile with our Alhamdulillah citizens. ”

The visual briefing continued with Talas Halef Hoca Street, which was modernized by the Metropolitan Municipality with its central median, sidewalks and parking lots. Mayor Celik showed how intensive the Metropolitan Municipality is working outside the city center with the works carried out near Derevenk Viaduct. President Celik, Talas'tan viaduct construction of the Malatya Road connection will be completed simultaneously, he said.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, not only to open the road to ease traffic, widening the existing roads by expressing the path between the Mimarsinan Junction-Wonderland cited as an example.

The next stop of the visual briefing was the multi-storey intersections on Kocasinan Boulevard. Mayor Mustafa Celik, 30 August, Danube and Fuzuli Intersection gave detailed information about the intersections. Expressing that each junction is made according to the floor of the special manufacturing President Steel, 30 August Junction after the upper part of the 40 day, 15 within the day Tuna Avenue Bekir Star Boulevard said they would open the axis. Fuzuli Storey Junction 1,5 plans to open in the month emphasizing President Steel, so that the Kocasinan Boulevard Argıncık lights will make the way up to DSI said.

Afterwards, Bekir Yildiz Boulevard was switched to visual briefing. Kocasinan Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Mayor of the road that continues during the period of the Mayor Steel, Seyrani neighborhood of the road interrupted in the scope of Seyrani Urban Transformation Project agreements and within a month said that the connection will be made.

The last stop of the visual briefing was the new road from OSB to Talas. Stating that it was understood with the consent of the owners of the vineyard houses on the road route, which will be entered with the trumpet junction model from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, known as the mountain road, President Çelik witnessed the demolition of two separate houses in this region with the members of the press. Emphasizing that Seher Boulevard and Hacılar Boulevard on the route will be crossed by multi-level intersections, Mayor Mustafa Çelik said, “We made a very important planning on this road. "We put one lane side road for slow traffic on the road, which will have 2 × 2 lanes for transit traffic, also considering our fellow townsmen in vineyard houses." President Çelik also thanked the owners of vineyard houses in this region for their understanding.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, Beydeğirmeni region opened roads, renewed and expanded roads, roads opened in the districts and asphalting works, except for the cost of transportation investments found only in the visual briefing 500 million TL, he added.

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