Avalanche drill

Avalanche drill in Palandöken.Afad and Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams working on a 24-hour basis in the winter season in Palandöken, one of Turkey's leading ski resorts, perform avalanche drills and practice. kazanhe's eating.

Jand and AFAD teams in the continent of Palandöken Ski Center ready for possible accident and rescue events, rescue avalanche citizens underwent training. Search and rescue dogs in the education scenario, where avalanches are located. After the location was determined, the teams reached out to the ones who had been under an avalanche and brought them to the hospital.

Erzurum AFAD Search and Rescue Directorate Directorate personnel on the Palandoken Mountain 40 hour-avalanche search and rescue training is given and activities continue to be specified.

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