Underground parking garage for 2 floors (Photo Gallery)

For underground wagons, 2 underground parking garage is available: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the production of the new wagon 85 for use in the expanding subway network, has completed the tender for the construction of 2 storey underground car park which will be established at Halkapınar for these wagons. 93 will be able to park at the same time 115 wagon, which will cost a million liras.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on the one hand Evka 3 - Bornova Center, Buca and Fahrettin Altay-Narlidere School of Harput school will be expanding with the new vehicle supply for the new system, on the other hand, the establishment of a new facility for the storage and maintenance of these vehicles continues. 85 wagon 17 to be used in the metro network of new sets of new trains started to manufacture Metropolitan Municipality, which will be stored for the establishment of underground facilities, the tender for the construction of the ground has completed the process of construction.
Two-storey, 115 wagon capacity
For the maintenance and storage of the İzmir Metro fleet, which is expanding day by day, the new facility that will be built in the area extending from the Şehitler Avenue to the Osman Ünlü Junction and Halkapınar metro warehouse area with the front of Atatürk Stadium will be built and will be equipped with the capacity of the 115 wagon. A total of 15 thousand square meters of space will be built in two-storey maintenance and storage facilities to ventilate the environment and to evacuate the smoke generated by any fire jet fan and axial fans will be installed in the ventilation system. In the section where elevated lines will be provided for periodical maintenance, compressed air system will be installed for vehicle and parts maintenance. There will also be an automatic train washing system that will allow the mobile washing of vehicles outside the facility. In accordance with the national fire regulations, there will be a water sprinkler system (fire extinguishing system) and a fire brigade filling system. 3 which provides the energy of the substation and trains at the underground vehicle storage facility. The rail system will also be created. In addition, fire detection-notification, camera and scada systems will be installed in the facility.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Underground Car Park will cost 92 million 722 thousand TL.


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