Lean Winterfes Erzurum 2015

WINTERFEST with Lean In Erzurum 2015 The magnificent Final: Winterfest Erzurum 2015 ended with a magnificent concert of famous artist Yalın.

The powerful sound of pop music, Yalın, warmed his fans with his stage performance at Palandöken Ski Center in a cold 15 degrees below zero. Thousands of spectators had fun with Yalın's romantic songs and lively tunes, regardless of the cold weather. The famous artist sang the most popular songs in his latest album, as well as the songs that have been popular for years. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, who broke the Guinness World Record in Erzurum by playing the Baş Bar to 3120 people as part of the Winter Festival events, gave an unforgettable speech at the final, accompanied by the chants of "Erzurum is proud of you" by thousands of young people who filled the concert area. Chairman Sekmen said, “We are calling out to Turkey from the land of Dadaşlar. We say; Erzurum is the center of winter tourism. Anyone who wants to take a vacation, want to ski or engage in winter sports should come to Erzurum. KazanAnyone who wants to study, invest, or want to study should come to Erzurum. Erzurum is an incentive region and has many opportunities. Here are our universities, here are our health centers, here are our investment centers…”

Sekmen, who gave important advice on national and spiritual values ​​to the young people who filled the concert area, continued as follows: “Dear young people, let's not forget that; There are those who want to disrupt the unity and solidarity of our country. There are those who want to spread terror in this country. They will never be allowed to pass. This holy homeland is home to the most honorable and beautiful nation in history. It takes freedom wherever it goes, it brings independence, it frees everyone in their beliefs. Youth; Never give up your commitment to your national and spiritual values. What makes a nation a nation is its national and moral values. If we take shelter in them, let them live and let them live, let's know that no one can bring us down. We have to do what is necessary for science and science. If we want to develop our country, we need to give importance to science and science. We ask you, dear young people, that; be successful in your studies. Let's take this beautiful country to much better places by taking the science and technique of the West. I wish mercy to our martyrs who entrusted us with this paradise and sacrificed their lives for our beloved nation, and I wish health and well-being to our veterans. Those who make many facilities in our winter tourism center, provide these facilities to us. kazanPresident of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to our Prime Minister Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Ahmet Davutoğlu, our Ministers, Members of Parliament, Governors, Mayors and other officials and wish to meet at many more Winterfests…”

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