Kars Chamber of Commerce Visits to Attorneys

Visit from the Chamber of Commerce to the Chamber of Deputies: Visit from the Chamber of Commerce of Kars Chamber of Commerce: Kars Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTSO) President Fahri Tangen, the AK Party with deputies in the Assembly deputies Ahmet Arslan and Dr. Yusuf Selahattin Beyribey'i visited the Ankara Grand National Assembly.

Için Good luck un visit, which is mainly focused on investments and plans related to Kars, was a long-term consultation on investments that are important for Kars. The President of the KTSO also expressed his expectations from the deputies when declaring his ideas.

During the meeting, the most important subjects of Kars, Baku Tbilisi Kars (BTK) Project, Logistics Center, opening of Kars Harakani Airport to international flights, Besi Organized Industrial Zone, taking out large markets out of the city, exchanging the official institutions from Kars tradesmen and customs clearance operations It was discussed.

The delegation, headed by KTSO President Honorary Gen., first expressed their expectations about the acceleration of the ICTA project and the Logistics Center. They stated that they were also in this position and that their efforts and efforts were in this direction and that they were always in contact with the relevant authorities in order to accelerate them.

Attending to the important stage in the Organized Industrial Zone Besi also stated that they will not be silent to the support calls of the President of the KTSO on the acceleration of this.

The Attorneys said, ak We are already in the follow-up on the issue., The construction of the Besi Organized Industrial Zone explained that they are in close follow-up about the tender process.

The President of KTSO, who said that the renewal of Kars Harakani Airport and the construction of the new runway is a good development, also conveyed the demand for the airport to be opened to international flights.

The Attorneys also emphasized that international flights would be good and that they had good wishes, and that if Azerbaijan needed international flights due to Baku-Kars, Kars-Istanbul idea and especially the Customs Directorate, the technical infrastructure should be sufficient and there should be a flight demand. they recorded.

Azerbaijan-Kars, Kars-Istanbul flights above the capacity of Istanbul Ataturk Airport can not be allowed to work with, but if the Baku-Kars, Kars-Ankara flights were asked that the relevant ministry would find it more appropriate.

Upon the request of the President of KTSO, Fahri Almangen,, the second time in Ankara-Kars flights,, the deputies stated that the necessary works were done in this regard and that the airline companies did not have the capacity to fill the two planes. Abil Some days of the week can go on two voyages, but this can be extra. This happens in extra cases like semester breaks, but airline companies want continuity. In other words, they attach importance to supply-demand balance. But of course, we are continuing their attempts on this issue. Ama

President of KTSO Honorary General of the city, the city has become an important problem in the city center to be taken out of the large markets, also passed the demands. It was stated that the permits of the big markets in the city were given by the municipalities due to the current legislation, but legally, they were expecting different regulations.

KTSO Chairman Tangen, especially the official institutions should do the purchase of goods from the shopkeepers of Kars, stating, gerekti The development of our city in terms of economics needs to develop trades in the city. This necessitates the purchase of our tradesmen. Official institutions should make purchases of goods from our city's tradesmen, ından said the deputies.

The Attorneys Ahmet Arslan and Selahattin Beyribey,, BTK Project, Logistics Center, Aktaş Border Gate, and the road leading to Nakhchivan from Iğdır around our city and the road to Iran, the road to Black Sea and the hot asphalted road leading to Aktaş. our efforts to be. Our activities aiming at the development of Kars's trade will be carried out effectively from now on. M

The deputies also said, v We will follow up with the support of Kars. We'il meet the expectations. This meaningful visit today made us very satisfied. O He thanked the President of the KTSO and the members of the Assembly for their visits.

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