MHP Deputy Kalaycı asked Konya Metro Project Minister Yıldırım answered

MHP deputy Mustafa Kalayci asked, Minister Binali Yildirim replied: MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalayci, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim as asked by Konya investments.

Member of Parliament Mustafa Kalaycı made a statement on the subject, including the minutes of the Assembly:

B The oral questions of MHP Deputy Secretary General and Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı regarding some of the projects of Konya and related sections of the TGNA Memorandum regarding the answers given by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Mr. Binali Yıldırım to the General Assembly are attached. The summary of the answers given is as follows.

1) Konya New Ring Road Project; ”In 2016 investment year all will be offered as a separate, self-contained project.“

2) New Vehicle Inspection Station to Konya Center; X The operation has been initiated for the opening of the second one, and the company is fully reconciled with 2016 and will be completed in 2016. “

3) Konya Civil Airport; Yok 'Konya does not need a new airport.' Do you still keep your promise? vard Yes, I keep it, Konya has an airport, it works very well. söz

4) The word for Ereğli Airport; ”There is an airport planning in Karaman and it will serve Ereğli.“

5) Konya Metro Project; Tarih Project tender has been done on 2015. The short list of the pre-qualification tender was announced in November. At present, the technical evaluation is in progress and the financial proposals will be opened and the project tender will be finalized. After the project tender, of course, it will be proposed to the Ministry of Development for construction and construction work will be started. Proje

6) Konya-Kayacik Logistics Center; Veril A tender was made in the logistics center business, but it was decided to repeat this tender as the actual needs situation changed. “

As can be seen from the attached documents, sufficient and convincing answers are not given. The net answer was related to the opening of the second vehicle inspection station to the center of Konya in 2016.

Again, in our eyes, there is no need for the new airport in Konya, and the gospel given to Eregli was related to the planning of the airport in Karaman, because the municipality failed to expropriate the expropriation of the municipality. to be proposed to the Ministry of Development for construction. These projects will be continued to be brought to the agenda and will be followed up. These issues are brought to the agenda, I hope that these projects will accelerate and Konya to provide such services as soon as possible.

I hereby submit for your information. Yours truly.


Konya New Ring Road Project

1) At what stage is the Konya New Ring Road Project, which has been promised for years, but has not been implemented in any way?

2) Will Konya New Ring Road Project be taken as an independent project to 2016 Investment Program?

3) When is the project to complete the Konya New Ring Road? Can the Konyans wait for decades?

New Vehicle Inspection Station in Konya

1) While there are more than one vehicle inspection station in many city centers, why is there only one vehicle inspection station in Konya Center?

2) Will you attempt to establish new stations in Konya city center in order to eliminate the complaints of people waiting for days for vehicle inspection appointment?

Konya Civil Airport and Eregli Airport

1) 1 What kind of work is related to the construction of a regional airport to Ereğli, which was announced as a good news by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Ali Rıza Alaboyun at the November elections?

2) Do you still maintain the view that hala Konya does not need a new airport X? Why do you ignore Konya's demand for a civilian airport while you are proud of the many districts and even the districts?

Konya Metro Project


2) While the project was not included in the investment program, and even if there was no project, how much expenditure was made by your Ministry for the large promotion campaign carried out during the 7 June election process on Konya metro? What is the detail of expenditure?

3) Konya Metro Project, which is expected by the citizens of Konya, will be included in the 2016 Investment Program? When will the project start and when will it be completed?

Logistics Center

1) Why was the tender for Konya-Kayacık Logistics Center canceled? What is the problem? What has been done and what has been expected for a long time? Why is the reason for cancellation not disclosed to the public?

2) What is the reason why, in the first place, the Logistics Center area planned as 634 bin m2 is increased to one million square meters? Has there been a change of location in the area? Initially, there was an unpredictable development?

3) Will the logistics center construction tender be re-launched? When? When will Konyal be able to see the days when the center is opened?


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