Breathtaking Exercise at İzmir Teleferik

Izmir Breathtaking Exercise at the Teleferik: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Balçova Teleferik Facilities established by the security issue is not left to chance.

There's no chance here!

The personnel of the cable car facilities equipped with a technology that will keep the system working against all kinds of negativities can also be trained in mountaineering and rescue against the bir worst scenario Yaş. The exercises that took place within the scope of these trainings cut the breaths. Due to the scenario, passengers stranded in the cabin were successfully landed by the rescue team.

Balçova Cable Car, which is renewed in the European Union standards of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with its gulf and dam lake view, is one of the important touristic facilities of the city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which regularly maintains facilities from rope tensions to in-cab safety, engines to automation systems, considers these very low neglects to be fulfilled.

The drill scenario cuts out the possibility of multiple possible failures of the 3 motor system that backed up each other. Due to the scenario, the passengers stopped in the cabin at the highest point of the line as a result of the stop of the engines and the action movies were rescued with no drills.

45 breathless

Specially selected 8 personnel participated in the training exercise under the supervision of the professional rescue team. At the height of the 45 meter, the experienced rescue team climbed the pole and reached the booth. Rescue staff, who opened the doors of the cabin, began to evacuate the passengers one by one. Passengers who were stranded in the cabin were lowered to the safe zone with the help of rope.

Last chance evaluated

IZULAS officials stated that the realization of the exercise scenario is actually very low and said, ve Our operation was an emergency work in case of stop of the plant as a result of the failure of all electrical and mechanical systems in the ropeway. Under normal conditions, an electric motor is activated in our plant, and when the power fails, there is another circuit that supports the generator with it. The diesel engine is activated when both are deactivated. These are all equipment that can back up the system. The scenario here is a very small possibility that all the systems would have to be done mechanically when there was a failure at the same time. We did the exercise especially at the highest point. We reached the cabinet, the passengers were safely lowered to the floor, Kab he said.

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