The Port Connection of the Konya Must Be Provided

Port Connection of the Konya Must Be Provided: Selcuk University (SU) Akören Ali Rıza Ercan Vocational School Logistics Department organized a panel on (Konya Logistics Village and Logistics Developments Kon.

The other speakers of the panel were the President of MUSIAD Konya Branch. Prof. Dr. Lütfi Şimşek, Selçuk University Faculty Member Dr. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turan Paksoy and Yükseller Logistics was Alibey Yüksel. Akören Ali Rıza Ercan Vocational School of Higher Education Department of Logistics attended a large number of students attended the panel moderated by Selcuk University Akören Ali Riza Ercan Vocational School teacher Abdullah Oktay Dündar made.

MUSIAD Konya Branch President, who gave information about the Konya-karaman-Mersin Logistics Center Project with the presentation he delivered to the students of the logistics department. Lütfi Şimşek said, zam It is necessary to consider the concept of logistics as the integration of all the movements between the exit and destination points of the product or the load, the product or the load in the place and time when it is needed. The main purpose here is to carry out the transport work in a combined manner and to deliver more loads at the desired time with the least cost. Both as a country and as a city, we have a structure that intensively uses the road at the point of transporting our products or cargoes. This situation increases our costs for transportation activities. The importance of the concept of Logistics Center is revealed at this point. Because logistics centers will be installed in at least two of the rail, sea, airway and highway transportation, maximum load will be transported with minimum costs and our industrialists will be free of unnecessary costs. In this context, the MUSIAD Konya Branch, which was first brought to our agenda by the Ministry of Energy and our initiatives as a result of our state-owned project, and the Konya-Karaman-Mersin project, which will be completed by the completion of the project will provide a very important and the implementation of the Logistics Center Project in terms of our city's 2023 objectives We believe it is vital. To the extent that we need more work to achieve our 2023 export targets as a country and city, we also need logistics centers to transport our products and deliver them to ports. In order to meet this need, Konya Logistics Center Project, which was initiated under the leadership of our branch in 2006, gave its first fruits in 2008 and TCDD decided to establish a logistics center in Konya. In 2010, the 300 thousand square meter area was nationalized for the establishment of a logistics center and this number was increased to 2011 million square meters with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 1 and 2013 million 1 in 350 was increased to thousand square meters. In the new period, our biggest expectation is to realize the project which will provide the transportation of the products produced in Konya to Mersin port at a faster and less cost, and will prepare the foundation of economy and industry corridor between Konya-Karaman-Mersin and the surrounding provinces. The realization of this project will make our city a major attraction and attraction center of large investments, and will also make a great contribution to the economy of our city. Bu

Selçuk University Faculty Member Dr. Turan Paksoy said, ekonom In the year 1941 is the first example in the world, the logistics centers in Verona, Italy have a great contribution to the economies of countries and cities. Germany and Spain are also among the countries that have greatly improved in logistics centers. Logistic centers are established in places of strategic importance on important commercial centers and trade routes. In this way, the country and city economies are intended to generate significant income. Our country is also a country that connects two continents and is located on the transition route of important trade routes. If this geopolitical position of our country is supported by logistics center projects and investments, our country can easily gain a very important economic income by entering the mentioned countries in the world. Ül

Speaking at the end of the panel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yüksekeller Logistics, Alibey Yüksel said: It should be considered as a combined and integrated system where air, rail and seaway are used simultaneously. Our country has great advantages in this sense. We can turn these advantages into opportunities by making investments in logistics infrastructure and logistics center projects. With the realization of these projects, the need for manpower, which has been trained in logistics and closely follows the technological developments in the sector will increase. In addition to their contributions to the economies of the cities in which they are located, logistics centers also constitute major employment areas. Logistics companies in the logistics sector in our city as the center of the project will bring new investments in our city is extremely important in terms of the project and we want to implement the project as soon as possible, "he said.




    1. The best way to achieve this is to make a railway (YHT and freight) connection to be given to Mersin and Taşucu ports by rail from Karaman through Mut and Silifke. Thus, 1. Konya and Karaman will be connected to the Mediterranean. With the integration of YHT-seabus from Istanbul, an alternative transportation corridor to the airline will be provided by connecting to Girne and Famagusta. 2. Sivas, Kayseri Niğde and Ereğli (by passing the railway through the OIZs to be created), the port connections will be provided. 3. In the future, we will have two more metropolitan cities named Karaman and Silifke.