Jozef Atattan Logistics Center Call for Mersin

Jozef Atattan Logistics Center Call for Mersin
President Jozef Atatu Mersin Logistics Platform, a Mersin Logistics Centers' stating that everything is ready, including places to set up, "We're somewhere in Turkey have clogged the study will be the first logistics center. We expect support for the solution of the problem as soon as possible, Bir he said.
Mersin Logistics Platform Chairman Mr. Atat told the UAV about the establishment of the Logistics Center, which is an important step for the city to be a logistics base. Logistics Center, including the place and the master plan, including everything they prepared to prepare for the road, to continue the path of the long-term Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu'nun gathered under the chairmanship of the Earth Board said they expected the approval.
As long as there is a port in Mersin, the possibility of being a logistics center is always very high, he said, merkez you have to be already, there is no other choice. Port is especially Turkey to the world, connects the world to Turkey. Mersin all goods to be exported from Turkey through the various ports of the world can be taken as soon as possible. All kinds of goods from the continents of America, Asia and Europe can be carried to these regions and even to neighboring countries via Mersin Port. The existence of Mersin as a harbor cannot be discussed here. Mersin
Noting that the mobility in the harbor caused some difficulties especially in the place, Atat emphasized that it was not very convenient to do everything in the harbor. Underlining the need to handle and distribute goods outside the port in order to prevent this congestion, he said, liman In fact, Mersin has already begun to do so. There are lots of warehouses on your way from here to the right when you are going to Adana or on the motorway. These stores are growing every day as well as mushrooms. Our biggest defense here is our goal; whether they occur in the right place on the left, such as mushrooms, get a connection to the rail and highway from the port. Let this place eliminate the pollution and traffic distress that are found in the city and everything is at a competitive level. A place was found in Mersin and a lot of work was done to organize this place. All reports are positive, Bütün he said.
He continued his works with the support of Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the leadership of Chamber of Shipping and added that Atat is 2 for Logistics Center. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) under the thousand 700 found that they found the area. 46 plot for the 170 parcel of the project is preparing the center, they are preparing the record, said:, They are all fast investors. State Railways Adana 6. Interviews were held with the Regional Directorate. 6. The region gave a report stating that it was appropriate to lay the railway line here. Then we went to the auction, all of the railway projects were drawn. Highway related highways 5. We had negotiations with the Regional Directorate. Because there will be more trucks and trucks coming in and out. In addition, the trucks are all loaded, it is useful to be away from city traffic. All interviews were made, positive news was received from all sides. Even the Minister of Transportation Binali Yıldırım told us, ob You give the load, we lay the railway, we connect the highway Hatta. So everyone said 'we support'. We have applied to the Ministry of Industry and Technology together with all our reports. Biz
After this stage, he said they are waiting for the approval of the Earth Council to be collected at the meeting, Kurulu Governor, the Board of the Earth, and then unfortunately, we will continue on our way after collecting the Board. We expect Governor Bey to gather the Soil Board. In addition, we have requested that the area specified in the new 1 / 100.000 Environmental Plan is a logistic area. It will surely be processed. So we're not hopeless, but it takes time. We have been working for 6 as a platform, there have been workshops before. As a platform, we took all the authorities together with the NGOs and showed examples from abroad. We told all the authorities what to do. We're stuck somewhere. This should be done as soon as possible Bun said.
One of the biggest goals of the platform is to provide such a logistics center to the sector. kazanEmphasizing that it is to be Mersin is a door that will work very well in world trade. Now Turkey has started to enter a competitive environment with China. This means that the European will pay a penny or two more than in China and get it done in Turkey. The value of Turkey and Mersin is increasing day by day. We should not miss such an opportunity. This is an environment that will encourage competition.”
Turkey stating that they receive sensations direction is drawn Logistics Master Plan Atatu, these plans will determine the city that will be the logistics center, which in Turkey on behalf of the words to express it would be very well finished by saying: "Before the beer we expect support for the solution of the problem. This should be done as fast as possible. 2,5 is the warehouse where we are going to do. The market is growing very fast. Some of the major economies is going slowly, perhaps, but Turkey's economy is going faster than expected. There is an increase of 10 every year in the port mobility in Mersin. The 10 increase in percentages is now clogged, much more clogged when the percentage of 10 increases. This should be relieved a bit, and logistics should be given importance.

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