Kosta Sandalcı is honored with FIATA Honorary Membership

costa sandalci fiata honorary title
costa sandalci fiata honorary title

Kosta Sandalcı was deemed worthy of the title of Honorary Member of FIATA: In recognition of his work in FIATA for the Turkish logistics sector, Kosta Sandalcı, former president of UTIKAD, was awarded with Onur FIATA Honorary Membership Kost title.

Representing more than a thousand logistics companies worldwide, 40 (International Federation of Transport Organizations Associations) gave a temsil Certificate of Honor atör for the first time to a Turk who made significant contributions to the world of logistics.

25 has been a member of FIATA Road Work Group for the 10, representing Turkish Logistics Sector and UTİKAD for years and having been the President of FIATA Highway Working Group for years. XNUMX has been the Honorary Member of FIATA.

Sandalcı, who was brought to FIATA Honorary Membership in FIATA World Congress which was held in Taiwan's capital city of Taipei this year, said, başkent I live with the pride and excitement of being awarded such a prestigious title. I am not worthy of this membership given to more FIATA presidents also a great success for our sector and our country, Daha he said.

Kosta Sandalcı said that he attended FIATA Congresses since 1990, and that he was pleased to see that the number of Turkish participants started to increase in these meetings, which he had previously gone to alone.

Delegates started as 25 years in this process Road Working Group President and FIATA Vice President undertook important duties, such as Sandalcı they do with dedication in FIAT to move to a strong position of Turkey stated that there is no doubt that further will move in this study.

Sandalcı pointed out the importance of the works of UTIKAD on this subject and stated that the prestige of the Turkish logistics sector increased with the FIATA World Congresses hosted by UTIKAD in 2002 and 2014.

UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin also congratulated Kosta Sandalcı on his work and expressed his gratitude for the great contributions made to the establishment of the name UTİKAD in FIATA and to the hosting of both Istanbul congresses.


Kosta Sandalcı was born in 1951 in Istanbul. After graduating from Austrian High School, he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics with an MBA degree. After completing his military service, in the late 1970s he started working for a multinational transport business organizer firm (Kühne Nagel) based in Germany. After 15 years of professional business life, he worked as a local transport business organizer and company partner and board member in the logistics company (Balnak) in the early 1990s. The shares sold in August 2012. M & M (Militzer & Münch) 'in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey began working as Regional Director.

Kosta Sandalcı who has taken active duties in UTİKAD for many years, served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD between 2006-2010. He also actively represented the Turkish logistics sector with the positions of FIATA Road Working Group President (2005) 2015) and FIATA Vice Chairman. Kosta Sandalcı speaks German, English, French, Greek and Turkish. He is married and has one child.

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