Transportation Turkey-Jordan Joint Committee Meeting

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Turkey and Jordan technical delegations, to deepen transport cooperation between the country and the negotiations they perform in order to facilitate, reported that the two countries' common interests results will serve to come.

Arslan, he headed the Ministry of Transport in Jordan, Jordanian Transport Minister Cemil-Turkey Joint Commission Meeting with Ali Mujahid.

Arslan, who made statements before the meeting, was appointed as 4. said that they had met with the Mujahideen for the third time in this process.

In July, Transport Joint Commission to be established between the two countries held talks and agreed that the first meeting of the Armstrong pointing done in Turkey, voiced satisfaction heard thus fulfilling the promise.

Arslan stated that the technical delegations of the two countries were in negotiations for two days, and that these meetings were held in order to deepen and facilitate cooperation in the field of transportation.

Road, rail, maritime and civil aviation to transportation combined two days of talks in the working groups emphasized that the results obtained will serve the common interests of countries Arslan, the results of the Turkey-Jordan Joint Transportation Committee 1. He noted that he was also involved in the Protocol of the Meeting.

Arslan, the commission that the occasion of the recording of development will accelerate the transport relations between Turkey and Jordan and Armstrong describing the development of solutions that will satisfy the two sides on some issues, also one of the developments that will contribute to transport relations 1978 dated Ship of Man Training, Certification and Ships in accordance with the International Convention on Watchkeeping Standards He said his men would sign the Memorandum of Understanding on the Mutual Recognition of Documents.

Arslan, the Turkish and Jordan flag of the seizure of the vessels in question will allow the employment of citizens of more than two countries of the nation by drawing attention, this is an important development in terms of maritime, he said.

Arslan, who said that they will continue the works and negotiations that will increase the transportation, continued as follows:

X Our Delegations are the Land Transport Mixed Commission Meeting, which is expected to be held in our country in the first quarter of 2018, and the Maritime Consultations 2018 recommended to be held in Jordan in the second quarter of 1. She'il be holding her meeting. Also, in the scope of international events in the civil area, our colleagues will meet at the ICAN 2017 meeting in December, and they will continue to look for ways to negotiate, develop solutions and develop cooperation. Ayrıca

Arslan said that the world was approaching intermodal transport with the aim of protecting the environment with time and resource savings, and that the delegations would also be negotiating the signing of a Combined Transport Agreement to support it among the countries in such a period.

”Aqaba expeditions start in March“

In the field of civil aviation, Turkish Airlines (THY) Aqaba said that the necessary work has been done to start the voyage of Arslan, as of March, 3 frequency of flights will start again, including the frequency.

Underlining that the Code Sharing Agreement signed between THY and Royal Jordan Airlines will also serve to improve aviation relations between countries, Arslan said, acılık We are experiencing a difficult period through which our region, the most valuable land in the world, is going through. Every step that will be taken by our countries jointly means meaning not only for us but also for our region. Ül

Emphasizing that he had a bond with friends and brothers as well as his relationship with Jordan, Arslan said, if Jerusalem and the Harem-i Sharif are very important for the whole Islamic world, which is equally important and sensitive for us. We support the role of the Hashemite Dynasty in the preservation of the holiness of Jerusalem and the Haram-i Sharif, and we attach great importance to it. Ğ

Ministers Arslan and Mujahid, speaking after the Turkey-Jordan Joint Transportation Committee meeting signed the Protocol.

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