Sarıkamış Tourism Association has held Consultation Meeting on Winter Season

Sarikamis Tourism Association Consultation Meeting on Winter Season: Sarikamis Tourism Association (SATURDER), which continues its activity in Sarikamis, held a consultation meeting on the winter season of Bayraktepe Ski Center.

Mir Hasan TAŞ, the chairman of SATURDER, whom we received information about the subject, said, “We held consultations to plan the general evaluations of the technical examinations made by the Ministry officials in a one-week period and to plan the preparations for the winter season in order for the Landing Station, Cafeteria and Control cabin, which were damaged due to the fire, to reach the winter season. For this purpose, during our visit to our esteemed governor as the Association, they declared that the Governorship and all officials were mobilized to make Sarıkamış Bayraktepe Ski Center operational as soon as possible, and that the Ministry Authorities made great efforts to reactivate our facilities. Accelerating the rising trend of our facility, which is famous for its winter season reservations and Crystal Snow. kazanAt this meeting, we exchanged views with our Mayor. They also stated that all units have made great efforts in this regard and will start operating as soon as possible. As investors, we are fully confident that SARIKAMIŞ, the Land of Dancing Snow, is the most outstanding Ski Center. We would like to express our gratitude to the officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Chairman of the Ski Federation, who stated that they will not spare their support for accommodation and competitions in the upcoming activity stages on this subject. We would like to thank our Governor, Mayor, officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the President of the Ski Federation and all Public Institutions and Organizations for their efforts to re-activate our facilities.”

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