34 Istanbul

Metrobus action on the Bosphorus Bridge

Metrobus action on the Bosphorus Bridge: Citizens who had difficulty in going to their work because the empty metrobus did not come to the Bosphorus Bridge stop of the Metrobus cut off the metrobus. The intensity experienced in the morning on the metrobus line, where the intensity is experienced in the morning hours, caused a protest. [more…]

35 Izmir

New tender for smart card

New tender for smart card: Kartek, which conducted the temporary tender with the current system, during the transition period for the electronic toll collection system kazanWhile ESHOT has made its preparations for the end of the transition period, the proposal regarding the tender has been submitted to the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]


Monument for Japanese Engineer

A monument was erected for the Japanese engineer: The memory of Japanese Engineer Riyoichi Kishi, who ended his life by performing harakiri on March 23, 2015 in Yalova's Altınova cemetery, holding himself responsible for breaking the rope of the Gulf Crossing Bridge [more…]

35 Izmir

Doubtful suitcase at İZBAN entrance

Suspicious suitcase at the entrance of İZBAN: The suspicious suitcase at the entrance of İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) was detonated with a detonator by bomb disposal experts. It turned out that the suitcase was empty. Seeing suspicious suitcases on the stairs at the entrance of Çiğli Station during the absence of flights. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Steam locomotive

Steam locomotive on the shores of the Golden Horn: Rahmi M. Koç Museum, the 1965 Ruston & Hornsby diesel locomotive on the narrow gauge railway laid on the shore of the Golden Horn, and the nostalgic historical wagons pulled by the Baguley-Drewry from the 1970s [more…]