Sarıkamış champion snowdrops

📩 24/11/2018 13:27

Sarıkamış's champion snowdrops: In Sarıkamış, 5 children, whose financial situation is not good, vary between 10 and 16 and continue their ski training under the “Champion Snowdrops” Project.

The Alpine skiing team, founded with the support of ski equipment offered by Sarıkamışlı Erkan Yeşilova, a ski instructor in Uludağ, receives 3 Hour ski training per day under the supervision of coaches Tarkan Usta and Kürşad Üstündağ.

Champion Snowdrops are continuing their ski training on the track 2 located among the scotch pines at the 634 bin 3 altitude summit of Cıbıltepe Ski Center.

Ski Coach Tarkan Usta, AA correspondent, said that before Sarıkamış skiing sport important services Erkan Yeşilova'nın financial and moral contributions "Champion Snowdrops" team, he said.

Emphasizing that the project is important because the skiing is not at the desired level in Sarıkamış, Usta said, birlikte Together with my teacher Kürşad, we are trying to raise our children in the best way. I hope these kids Sarıkamış, Turkey would be the future of skiers. Despite the end of March, there is a desired level of profit. We will continue our education until the end of April ”.

Coach Kürşad Üstündağ said that the skiing training will continue until the snow melts and snowdrops emerge in Sarıkamış.