With the change of plan in Boğazköprü area, road, logistics center and railway

With the change of plans in the region of Bogazköprü road, logistic center and railway in one: the west entrance of the province of Kayseri Bogazkopru district road arrangement, railway line and logistics center for the continuation of the work continues to remind the President. Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that there was a new zoning plan for the safe and fluidity of the road, the comfort of the railway connection line and the transportation to the logistics center in the Boğazköprü area.
With the decision of the Assembly Meclis
Mayor Dr.Memduh Büyükkılıç, who stated that an amendment to the zoning plan was foreseen in order to make the railway line more secure and safe in the Anbar Quarter, with the area at the Logistics Center, in the Anbar District. noted that a good impression should be left.
President Dr.Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that an amendment was made to the zoning plan in the section covering the 275 m² section of the road in the Boğazköprü area and stated the following:
Ged Anbar Neighborhood is the west entrance of our city and it is the first impression for our city. This region is important for the image of Kayseri and for tourists who will have an idea about Kayseri. In this respect, a new environment and road works were planned to be carried out in the district of Anbar, Boğazköprü. With this road work, a balanced and serial transportation network was wanted to be established between Boğazköprü road section, railway line and the logistics center which is the most important trade point in this region. Road routes were planned to be primarily safe and serial and accordingly, the zoning plan was modified. Good luck to our city. Ş

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