Transportation in Izmir returned to the tangle

Izmir has returned to the tangle of transportation: Metropolitan, electronic fee collecting crisis has not exceeded the day 10. Free access to the paper ticket system, minus the balancing of the citizen's head to be removed

The crisis experienced in the electronic toll collection system on June 1 could not be overcome in the past 10 days. The damage caused by free boarding in metro buses, ferries and İZBAN reached millions of liras. The City Card Company, which lost the tender, kept the Metropolitan Municipality and Kartek Company, which received the tender problematic, while the Metropolitan Municipality addressed Kent Kart as the responsible of the events. The increase in the number of citizens benefiting from public transportation for free has already doubled the daily loss of the ESHOT General Directorate. The fact that the citizen can benefit from public transportation without loading the balance on his card by saying "somehow free of charge" has also brought some radical decisions to the agenda. Concentrating on the new program, ESHOT General Directorate officials started an effort to compensate a little bit of the damage caused by free boarding. The system that is being worked on will have a cold shower effect on citizens who use public transportation for free because they have their cards read at the metro, bus, ferry and İZBAN toll booths.

The software, which records the free rides in the system as a negative balance, will collectively deduct the free rides made so far from the plus balance when the balance is loaded on the card. While the municipality will compensate the damage it has suffered in this way, even if it is a bit, the collective drops in the transportation cards will also demoralize the citizens. For example, a citizen who adds 20 lira to his city card will be able to fall back to zero balance when previous free rides are deducted. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu will make the final decision on whether this system will be implemented or not. Public transportation regulations will not be limited to this. Following President Kocaoğlu's statement, "We can temporarily switch to paper tickets at critical points", from today on, paper tickets will be applied in order to prevent free boarding in public transportation vehicles across the city and to encourage citizens to load balance on their card. For citizens who have insufficient balance on Kentkart, drivers in buses; In metro, ferry and İZBAN stations, paper tickets will be sold by both the toll booths and security guards. Passengers who will board public transportation with a paper ticket will not be able to benefit from the 90-minute application, so the remedy will be to load the balance to the city card in order to prevent further financial damage. Thus, free ride will be prevented. The paper ticket application will end after the system returns to normal. When this is the case, the bill for the chaos in the electronic fee collection system will again be billed to the citizen.

UKOME member organizations were invited to an extraordinary meeting to take the UKOME decision necessary for the implementation to take place. The meeting was held yesterday morning and lasted until noon. At the meeting, it was decided to sell the paper ticket 1 lira full 2 liras. Passengers who have inadequate access to public transport will be sold to the bus by bus, bus and metro stations and paper tickets by the security and security officers at İZBAN stations. Passengers who take public transportation with 90 minutes system will not benefit from the citizen remedy for the card will find the balance. Thus, free boarding will be prevented. Ticket sales to the beginning of this day was among the leaked information.

The decision of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which could not solve the card crisis, to return to paper tickets, was taken to 'ti' in social media. İzmirliler, interpreting the paper ticket application as a return to the 90s, "the former Turkey, Izmir old," he said. A user named Duygu on Twitter said, “Come on, Izmir has started to bear fruit. The paper ticket comes back. Old Turkey, Izmir Welcome to the old, "he wrote. 'Asekb the' user named "details until the old Turkey. This is a funny, paper ticket. ” A person named Erkin Öncan said, “Paper tickets are coming to İzmir. He expressed his attitude by saying “I was touched”. Gökhan Yavuz said, “İzmir goes back to the 1990s. Paper tickets are starting to apply in buses ”, he wrote. User named 'Dedikodugundemi' says, “Paper tickets are coming. “Oh my grandfather used to say, we were getting on with a paper ticket, my son,” he said. “The paper ticket is coming back. The comment of a user who wrote that “Melih Gökçek should not hear it, we applaud” made him laugh.

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