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İZBAN blew up its housing sales: In February, İZBAN started to sell in Torbalı. In January, 357 house was sold, and in February, March and April, the figure passed 500. Torbalı with this statistics Konak, bornova, BayraklıMetropolitan districts such as Balçova overtook. In Torbalı, where 14 houses were sold per day last year, there has been a boom in housing sales since February. While 357 houses were sold in January, the main activity was realized with the start of İZBAN flights.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, according to housing sales in February, exceeding xnumx'y, peaked in March. In the county where 450 house was sold last month, the daily sales rate went from 504 to 14. Torbalı Chamber of Commerce President Abdulvahap Olgun stated that the sales of the house will be based on 18 in April. Izmir and Torbali both prefer to invest and sit down, İzmir he said. Olgun, which has this mobility in residential sales increasing around 600 compared to the previous year, connects it to İZBAN flights. The voyages started increased mobility. We expect the home sales to increase further in the coming months. Konut

25 has overthrown the province
Torbalı, which is one of the districts with the highest sales of houses in İzmir, has exploded in this area with İZBAN flights. While a total of a thousand houses were sold in January, February and March last year, this figure has reached to 400 thousand this year. With İZBAN, many people who have the opportunity to make İzmir closer now prefer Torbalı while buying a house. On the other hand, according to TÜİK data, Torbalı ranked 5th among İzmir districts in house sales in March. Bag; Konak, Bornova, BayraklıLeft behind 25 central districts such as Balçova.

The data of the Torbalı Chamber of Commerce, which explains the figures in the construction and real estate market, is also interesting. Turkey while finding xnumx'y percent annual increase in housing prices in general, 17 percent in Torbalı'ya these figures. Izmir bagged both the real estate market experienced an increase above the average of Turkey. There was an increase of 30 in sales, while prices of rented flats increased by at least 30. Last year, the price per square meter of an apartment is sold for at least a thousand liras, this year, a thousand 10 TL buyer finds. In Torbalı, which is the most valued district of İzmir, the value of real estates increased by 300 compared to last year.

. We have an active 250 contractor registered in our chamber. Torbalı Municipality announces annually 2 construction. The construction sector is the locomotive of our district. We produce 5 thousand housing a year. Our housing quality is much higher than İzmir. Konut

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