The card crisis in transportation is largely solved

The card crisis in transportation has been largely solved: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has largely solved the problem related to the electronic fare collection system used in public transportation, but the operation is carried out to ensure that all of the devices in the vehicles (validators) and turnstiles and the filling devices in the dealers work smoothly with the new program. system, "unauthorized interventions" due to the full can not be concluded yet said. During the operation carried out for the X safe N operation of the system with the daily 1 million 700 thousands of boarding and filling, 6 installed new software to the validator of the 1110, XULUM 255 vehicle belonging to ESHOT in XNUMX separate garage during the night. Special measures were taken in the turnstile for the smooth travel of the citizens in İZBAN, Metro and İZDENİZ. Reinforcements were made to the filling offices.

Mayor Kocaoglu: We are initiating legal proceedings

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, following the operation on the transportation cards at the Crisis Center established in the General Directorate of ESHOT since Sunday evening, said:, At the end of two critical nights, we greatly exceeded the crisis on transportation cards. We tried not to make our citizens feel as much as possible. I will make detailed explanations on this subject later. However, it is useful to say: We are launching the necessary legal procedures against those who lead this problem Ancak.

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