Tram - Metro Will Be Made But Minibuses Will Not Be A Victim

Tram - Metro Will Be Made But Minibuses Will Not Be A Victim: The Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, who met with the marketers last week and gave good news to the Eastern Barracks, met with the heads of the minibus-bus cooperative at the consultation meeting organized by the Kocaeli Minibus and Busers Cooperative.

Işık promised the minibus:
“You will not be a victim“
Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık, who promised that they will meet the tradesmen in Antikkapı with the marketers and allocate the empty space in Doğu Kuşla to the Thursday and Saturday markets, and that the market transfer will not be taken from the marketers, today is the meeting organized by the Kocaeli Minibus & Bus Cooperative. met with minibus tradesmen.

Chairman of AK Party Provincial Director Şemsettin Ceyhan, the General Assembly of Metropolitan Municipality, Assoc. President Mustafa Kurt, Service Vehicles Room President Ahmet Taşçı, KOTO 17 Chairman of the Committee Sedat Köse also participated. It was noteworthy that the city's minibusists showed little interest.

The Chairman of the Chamber Kurt said, in All cooperatives have a congress flurry. For this reason, most of our friends could not participate. I apologize for them on behalf of them. Orum Kurt said, yardımcı When we were in trouble, you helped us. After the election, we will welcome you in a much more crowded way. Seçim Mustafa Kurt, the chairman of the Chamber, told about the problems of the minibus tradesmen at the meeting:

Ur One of our biggest problems is the free transport of citizens over the age of 65. We would like this to be done in consultation. A change of vehicle was made in Kocaeli. Artisans entered into serious problems. There's a tram project. Greater 200 is taking the new big bus. We don't have a night. We do transport on behalf of the public. Every day, we carry 40 thousand free of charge. This is a very serious figure. Citizen's expectations are unlimited. In this industry 2200 people eat bread. We are trying to complete the task given to us. We wish you success as you leave towards New Turkey "

Speaking at the meeting Minister Intellectual Light services in Turkey also stressed that political stability is essential for walking. Turkey's last 13 years, saying that receive very large distance light, the President mouth will not be insulted that is done, then the "media is not free," he said they yelled, he continued: "Looking for the right president in court. Why did Erbakan hostilate in the past? Because there was a National Economy project. Turkey's intrigue begins when she wanted to get to the national economy. We want our tradesmen to see this trap. Es

. 65 was an unfair practice, minib said Minister Işık, who has been with minibuses since the day he entered politics, and was sitting together to solve the issues. He has made you a victim. We don't have the right to pay for the 65 over the age of citizens. We told you that. The Assembly has agreed to organize the work. The Ministry of Family and Social Policies will pay the transport costs to the municipalities. You'il get your money. With the application you and your citizens will be comfortable. Şt The Minister reminded that the issue of transportation is the first issue of the citizen in the surveys conducted in our province, he said:

“It is our duty to produce smart solutions. It is necessary to maximize the satisfaction of the citizens and not to victimize the tradesmen while doing this. There is no problem that we cannot solve when we sit at the table with you. Everyone in this city kazanWe want everyone to be happy. . We will sit, talk, discuss, and produce the most appropriate solutions together. We will introduce our city to the rail system and establish a metro line. While doing these, you should not be a victim, even kazanWe will also make the necessary arrangements for you to come out. No one should be worried about the future.”

On the question of journalists at the end of the meeting, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık gave the following information about domestic automobile manufacturing: üzerine -We have been working for more than one year for electric-powered domestic cars. A phase of electric vehicle with increased range is completed. Cooperation agreement was signed with the company. Before 2020, the Turkish brand will be launched. We will make a call to the private sector for the production. Turkish branded vehicles will be quality, comfortable and safe. The price will be affordable. The place is too early. The brand name will also appear after professional work. It will be a brand like THY. TH

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