The gospel of the super-speed train from David

Davutoglu, the super fast train good news: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, super-fast train together between Ankara and Istanbul will be in 1,5 hours söyledi.AK Party Chairman and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey is a fast train, and they moved to super-fast train, saying that they equip He said that the distance between Istanbul and Ankara will decrease to 1,5 hours.

Davutoğlu said that the rally organized by his party in Lüleburgaz Congress Square was the 76th rally held in 106 provinces.

Davutoğlu, who salutes the districts of the city, said, "We have no doubt with the permission of Allah, on the slogans of the party," Stand up and bend. " You are behind us or we always stand upright. We always wave the flag, "he said.


Reminding that there are only 76 universities in the country when they take office, Davutoğlu stated that they have done 117 universities and said, “Who founded Kırklareli University? Now we have 18 students there. Kırklareli, 500 martyrs are now the land of knowledge. We established 40 faculties, 18 vocational schools and 500 institutes with 7 thousand 7 students. Around 3 faculty members now approach 90-500. Here are all of them not only in Kırklareli, all in Turkey, there is no longer any university in the province. Young people should be proud of it. Who did this? ” used expressions.


AK Party Chairman and Prime Minister Davutoglu, they said all roads doubled in Turkey, Muzaffer Sarısözen, Lüleburgaz song "Oh Train Black Train," recalled the words of the songs. Emphasizing that they revive the forgotten railways, Davutoğlu said:

"We equips with high-speed train in Turkey. 3,5 hours between Istanbul and Ankara by high speed train. I hope we are making a super high speed train now. Istanbul-Ankara will decrease to 1,5 hours. Kırklareli, Lüleburgaz all Thrace should follow this. Halkalı-We are making Kapikkule high speed train. Therefore, I hope that he will meet the high-speed train in Thrace, Kırklareli, Lüleburgaz and Edirne. The period of those who lead such a half is over. High speed trains that bring in half will come into play. Thus, one of Turkey's entering from the West of Agility is a fast train ride to Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, it will go up to Habur. It will go from Ankara to Kars. Who unites Thrace and Anatolia?

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