IETT was announced for the Metrobus Accident

IETT was announced for the Metrobus Accident: IETT made a statement about the BRT accident in Ayvansaray. IETT, the cause of the metrobus accident is a passenger, he said.

IETT came for the BRT accident in Ayvansaray. In Eyüp, a metrobus struck a metrobus from the bus at the stall. In the accident, the 3 was heavily injured by a total of 16. The wounded were being treated in environmental hospitals.

The slippery road because of the rain on the hour 16.00 ranks Sogutamuces-Avcılar voyage metrobüs, Ayvansaray Metrobus stop a metrobüse downloading passengers from the back.

The windshield of the Metrobus was shattered. In the accident, the 3 heavy 16 passengers were injured. A large number of ambulances and fire brigades were referred to the scene. The first intervention was made at the scene of the wounded in the environment hospitals were treated. Some passengers claimed the Metrobus was full. Approx. 30 minute voyages can be made from one lane. After the withdrawal of vehicles returned to normal.

Avcılar watching the direction of the two metrobus Ayvansaray stop after the collision. 3 heavy in the accident injured 16 people. The wounded were taken to the surrounding hospitals by ambulance. According to the information obtained, the Metrobus accident occurred in the 16.30 ranks. Metrobus passing the Ayvansaray stop hit another metrobus in the same direction. Due to the large number of injured, many ambulances were directed to the accident site. Ambulances took the wounded to the environment hospitals. 16 was taken to hospital and 3 was reported to be severe.


IETT, Ayvansaray Metrobus stop because of the accident made a written statement. The reason for the accident as the explanation, se Accident was a metrobus passenger while downloading the other metrobus crashed metrobus the passenger occurred. It was learned that the cause of the accident took place when a passenger physically interfered with the driver of the BRT.
In IETT's statement, the following statements were given:

Met 16.20 injured in Metrobüs accident at 9 in Ayvansaray was referred to hospitals by ambulances. It was learned that there was no danger to the passengers. The road was opened immediately after the accident on the Metrobus road and there was no interruption in transportation.

Accident was a metrobus passenger downloading the other metrobus metrobus hit the passenger occurred. The accident was caused by the fact that a passenger interfered with the driver of the BRT. Kazan

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