Public Transport Seminar

Public Transport Seminar for Students from Kayseri Transportation Inc.: The seminars organized by Kayseri Transportation Inc. provide information to the primary, secondary and high school students to instill the culture of public transport and to introduce the rail system.

Within the scope of the social responsibility project, the seminars organized jointly with the Directorate of National Education have explained the importance of public transport in 154 school and 4 driver course so far.

In the seminars that emphasized the importance of public transportation for the future of the cities and the environment, information about the characteristics of the rail system, its effects on the city, and what should be considered when using the rail system were explained.

In the seminars, the differences between the rail system and road vehicles, stopping distance and other road vehicles could not stop immediately and therefore more attention should be taken.

Within the scope of the project, more seminars will be held in 23 school in the coming days.

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