Macedonian passenger train hit refugees 14 dead

In Macedonia, the passenger train hit refugees 14 dead: A group of refugees trying to go to European countries this time became victims of a train accident. 14 refugees die from train crashes

The express train, which runs between Thessaloniki and Belgrade, hit a group of refugees trying to go to European countries for a better life by illegal means. According to the first determinations, 14 people died.

Macedonian Interior Ministry Press SözcüIvo Kotevski, AA correspondent, said at night 23: 00 queues in the accident occurred according to the first reports that the 14 refugee died.

Stating that the investigation into the accident was initiated, Kotevski stressed that the police found the surviving 8 person at the scene of the accident and took them to the police station. Police also said they were looking for another group of refugees who had fled at the scene.

Meanwhile, while the express train running between Thessaloniki and Belgrade was on the way between the Macedonian capital Skopje and Köprülü cities, it was learned that the refugees were on the train route at the time.

Refugees arriving in Macedonia through Greece are trying to reach Loyane village on the border between Macedonia and Serbia by following the railroads determined by human traffickers. Human traffickers waiting for refugees in Loyane are again illegally bringing them to Serbia.

Refugees usually travel in the dark of night to avoid getting caught. The journey of refugees hiding during the day takes 3 to 5 days at the Macedonian border. People who walk for days, who cannot find the opportunity to rest and eat, lose their attention due to fatigue. According to the information received, all of the train accidents recently re-agenda in Macedonia occurred between 22.00 and 01.00.

Refugees, which were previously seen in villages close to the border, began to stay out of sight as Macedonian police tightened the controls. Citizens use the phrase “they are both present and absent” about refugees.

Macedonian Interior Minister Gordana Yankulovska said in a statement on the issue that the refugee problem is a growing problem and hundreds of thousands of people from crisis areas want to reach Europe.

Yankulovska said that he has called for the cooperation and assistance of the authorities of both Greece and other European countries for the solution of the problem many times. Such accidents occur for many different reasons. "We are working to reduce the number of refugees who enter our country illegally and work with all our power."



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