South leaves Raman on the way

South Raman road obstacle: 14 Kilometer of the South Raman ring road to reach the road with the villagers saying they went to the road, Deputy Regional Director of Highways Ihsan Power; Ik In the expropriation, we settled with the new village residents. We will bring the same proposal to the residents of Balpınar and Kuyubaşı p.
The most important part of the South Raman ring road, which will relax the city center, indicating that the completion of Deputy Director of Highways Ihsan Power, the expropriation costs New residents agreed with the residents, he said. The same price as the new villagers in the villages of Balpınar and Kuyubaşı reminiscent of the owners of the Power; . If we agree with the land owners, we will open the road route to traffic in a short time. Otherwise, a four-month court process will be processed Aksi.
Power, continued as follows; Bel We will solve the rainwater drainage work at the bridge junction at Balpınar town entrance. We care about the Mayor's warning. We do not have a way to be given to Balpınar on the South Raman ring road route. In the meantime Balpınar Municipal Co-Chair Ejder Sarıgöl, reminding that the company that undertakes the road construction has a road length of 1.5 kilometers. . We do not know whether the company makes this route or the highway. There is a way to be given to us. Bize

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