CHP carried the renewal of the Ankara metro's escalator to the Parliament

CHP carried the escalator renovation of the Ankara metro to the Parliament: CHP Group Deputy Chairman Levent Gök asked how many stations of the Ankara Metro had staircase renovation work and how many repairs were carried out on the escalators in the last 4 years.

Gök, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun the Parliamentary Presidency of the question to the Presidency of the Parliament, he said:

Unda As of today, how many stations of the Ankara Metro are being carried out?

In the last 4 year, how many repairs have been done on the escalators in several stations. How long did each of the repairs last? What is the cost of each repair?

Does the phrase makta Renewal of the escalators that have completed the economic life alan in the announcements made with EGO signature at the Metro stations reflect the reality? Is there any record of the economic life of the material? If so, who has this record been put by?

What is the economic life of the escalators? What are the stations whose stairs have been renewed in previous studies? Although a short period of time has passed since the economic life of the stairs have been decided on justified grounds? Üzer

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