The number of high speed train sets will be increased from 13 to 125

The number of high-speed train set from 13 125 to be issued: Turkey in the 2015 election manifesto to reinstate the site's commitment to implement giant projects. Investments will be carried out predominantly through the public-private cooperation model. In this context, serious investments will be initiated in many sectors from logistics centers to summer-winter and thermal tourism and urban transformation.

Turkey's growth, White started the preparations for the second period for the development of breakthrough Party, sectoral projects construction in Turkey will reinstate election manifesto pledged to implement. In this context, with the public private cooperation (COD) model, serious investments will be initiated in many sectors from logistics centers to summer-winter and thermal tourism, shipbuilding and urban transformation.
In the coming period, public private cooperation (COD) model applications will be developed in all sectors in order to ensure the establishment of the competitive environment in the domestic market on the basis of quality and high quality demand.

Activities that increase the export potential of building materials that increase the quality in overseas contracting services will be supported. Additional support for access to finance will be provided to the sector. In order to finance overseas contracting projects, the implementation of a loan to foreign banks under the guarantee of the counterparties will be extended. Projections will be developed for an effective tourism policy.
In the coming period, Ankara-based high speed train core network will be increased to 3 thousand 623 kilometers. In this context, the number of high speed train sets that will be needed will be increased from 13 to 125. Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project, one of the most important of these, will be completed. Thus, half of the country's population will benefit from high-speed train comfort.
Connecting East and Black Sea lines
Ovit, Cankurtaran and Salmankaş Tunnels connecting Eastern Anatolia to the Black Sea Region, Ilgaz Tunnel connecting Central Anatolia to the Black Sea, Cudi Tunnel connecting Cizre and Şırnak, and 6 tunnels between Mersin and Antalya that make the Mediterranean coast passable. 62 tunnels will be completed. In addition, Nissibi, Kömürhan and Ağın Bridges and viaducts will be put into service and the connections between the provinces will be completed.
Continue to Mega projects
Mega transportation projects will be implemented. The 3-storey 'Great Istanbul Tunnel' covering the road and metro crossings in a single tunnel in a single pass that will be the first in the world under the Bosphorus will be realized with the BOT model. With the tunnel, a total of 6,5 different rail systems will be connected, which will be used by 9 million citizens a day.
100 bin bed in thermal tourism
It will be ensured that Turkey is among the top 5 destinations of the world in the tourism sector. Economical use of natural underground spring waters kazanA bed capacity of 100 thousand is targeted in thermal health tourism. Thus, a total of 600 million foreign tourists will be provided with 1,5 thousand beds for treatment purposes. This plan envisages revenue of $3 billion. Again, in the field of medical tourism, an annual income of 750 billion dollars will be provided by the treatment of 5,6 thousand foreign patients. In advanced age tourism, an annual income of 150 million dollars is targeted by serving 750 thousand foreign tourists.
Logistics conversion program
3 large sea Turkey in order to ensure that the base will be set up large-scale transit port 3 port. At least two RORO terminals will be built on the north south axis in the Sea of ​​Marmara. The port of Istanbul will be turned into the main passenger exchange port for cruise ships. An important reform area in the upcoming period will be with the “Transformation from Transport to Logistics Program”. With the program, the growth potential of the logistics sector will be increased. Turkey's "Logistics Performance Index" to enter the top 15 countries in between will be provided.

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