Metro Evaluation of Citizens by Konyali

Konyali Citizens' Metro Evaluation: The Prime Minister of Konya on Friday. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu, Konya's metro line will be reached, saying, gave the good news to the people of. Citizens approached this gospel from very different angles and made evaluations.


Indicating that the metron is in need of all cities, Recep Metin and Ayten Metin, a city like Konya, a lot earlier to be done by specifying that the metronun continued as follows. Such a lucrative project had to be implemented much earlier in Konya. But the fact that such a project is to be started now is a very big thing for Konyans. First of all, there is a huge gain. We hope this project will be beneficial for the Konyis.


Muhammet Gürler stated that the works on the tram line should be completed as soon as possible. 'They're starting to do something else without finishing a job. If the subway works also starts, the work on the tram line does not know what is to end. Obviously, I don't believe there will be a metro to Konya. While the election promises to remain with the promises, Gülderen Cihangir; 'If they had a project related to the construction of a subway to Konya, why they started to lay the tram line. Why so much effort is entered, so much expense is made. If this is not really a promise of choice, then they should stop the work on the tram line and speed up the construction of the metro. My main concern is whether this project will take place or not. in the form of


Hussein Colit, the AK Party in power, as long as everything is said to be done, the citizen, Osman Şenkafa said that such a project was a late project for Konya, said the project did not see a choice as a promise. 'Even the AK Party, the three elections more successful if the metro is done.' Şenkafa said that a province like Konya deserved the most beautiful of all things.

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