Yakutiye Municipality taught ski children

Yakutiye Municipality Taught Nursery Children Skiing: Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies of Yakutiye Municipality gave ski training to the children staying in Dormitories and Children's Houses. After the 1.5-month course, a certificate ceremony was held in Palandöken Mountain. While Ali Korkut said, “I think we are doing a good job for these children,” Provincial Director of Family Social Policies Sedat Abdülhakimoğulları said that there is no description of the work done. The certificate ceremony ended with a meal.

Beginning with the promise of Yakutiye Mayor Ali Korkut to the children, ski training was completed, which included the children staying in Yurt Nursery and Children's Houses. After the program ended, a closing and certification ceremony was held in Palandöken Mountain. Vice Presidents Engin Kocadağıstanlı, Suat Hayri Güneş, Family Social Policies Provincial Director Sedat Abdülhakimoğulları and their staff and children staying at the kindergarten attended the ceremony. The children who received training were given their certificates after their ski shows. Ski equipment was given to the children coming from the Dormitory and Children's Houses. Feeling very happy about learning skiing, Can Işık said, “Our mayor, Ali Korkut, asked us what would you like. We said we wanted to learn skiing that day. We never believed. It was a dream for us. I would like to thank our President Ali Korkut for accomplishing this ”.

Mayor Ali Korkut reminded that 43 children learned the skiing they wanted so much, and that they got ski equipment. Korkut said, “It is one thing to make the children happy, it is more to see the happiness of our children. We provided ski equipment and met their service and food needs to make them smile. I hope our children who brought championships will come out of them. Due to Turkey's Erzurum ski resort everyone should learn skiing. If Erzurum is to be a brand, especially our children should learn about skiing. These young people have learned to ski. We will support those who are successful in becoming professionals ”.

Sedat Abdülhakimoğulları said, “We would like to thank our esteemed president Ali Korkut for providing our disadvantaged children with new ski clothes that cover all their expenses for basic ski training and contributing to their self-confidence. When I look at the services of women, the elderly, the disabled and children, who have attracted my attention since 9 months of my tenure in social activities in Erzurum, it impresses us very much to see that my Yakutiye Mayor Ali Korkut and the Municipality exist in these areas with great sensitivity ”.

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