Özge Özder Palandökende Studying Snowboarding

Özge Özder is Learning Snowboard in Palandöken: Özge Özder, who plays the character of 'Crazy Emel' in the series 'Desperate Housewives', is having a holiday in Palandöken Ski Center. "Palandöken is amazing," said theater and cinema actress Özge Özder, who learned to snowboard in Palandoken, where she came for the second time.

Özge Özder, who gathered attention with the characters of 'Lale', 'Cavidan' from Lip to Heart, 'Aylin' in Ömre Bedel and 'Crazy Emel' in the Desperate Housewives series, is at Palandöken Ski Center where she comes with her friends. Curiosity in the snowboard. Özge Özder, who takes snowboard lessons with a ski teacher on the track between the pine trees of Xanadu Snow White Hotel, is enjoying the holiday. Stating that he came to Palandöken for the first time last month, Özder said, “I was amazed by Palandöken, where I came with my friends. We came last month. We couldn't get enough of it and we came again. This time I decided to snowboard. I learned this sport in a short time because my teacher is very good. I am slipping with the teacher for now. "I will enjoy going to the top and sliding on my own in a short time."

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