Sultan Alparslan College Students Enjoy Skiing in Sarıkamış

Sultan Alparslan College Students Enjoy Skiing in Sarıkamış: The students of Sultan Alparslan College, 4. Together with the students, teachers and parents, she spent the weekend having fun on the snow in Sarıkamış Ski Center.

In the crystal snow event organized by the school administration, 4th grade students, teachers and parents enjoyed skiing and barbecue under the scotch pines on the crystal snow, which exists only in Sarıkamış after the Swiss Alps. During the event attended by about 40 people, entertainment and adrenaline peaked. A weekend filled with joyful moments for parents and students was remembered. While the teachers, students and parents enjoyed skiing together, the barbecue offered left a different taste on the palates.

During the skiing and barbecue pleasure, the school's statement 4. The teacher of the classroom, Sultan Demirci, stated that such activities have a positive effect on the social integration of students, teachers and parents, and that these activities will be continued. Demirci also thanked all families for their participation.

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