Renovation of the bridge

Bridge renovation work in Aksaray: A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Aksaray for the construction of the collapsed bridge. Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı, in his speech at the ceremony held in Büyük Bölcek District, said that the old bridge did not meet the needs due to its 45-year-old.
For this reason, instead of destroying the old bridge instead of a more modern bridge that will transfer the Fate, said:
”Now we have demolished our bridge. After the demolition of this bridge, we have worked on a new project that will suit our Aksaray and easily solve traffic problems. Within the scope of these works, we made the tender of the bridge and started the construction together with the company with which we made a contract. Today, we are performing our groundbreaking ceremony in the presence of everyone. Our old bridge was 16 meters wide. Our new bridge will be 26 meters wide entrance and 37 meters wide. Thus, our bridge will be bigger and wider. I hope it will be good for our Aksaray ”
After the speech, Governor Şeref Ataklı and Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı, pushing the button together laid the foundation of the bridge.
The ceremony, Provincial Garrison Commander Colonel Levent Olmez, Provincial Police Director Mehmet Aslan, AK Party Provincial Chairman Abdulkadir Karatay and citizens attended.

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