What is the rail network in Turkey

What state railway network in Turkey: Turkey railway network situation What do you think? Is the existing rail network sufficient?

Transportation is considered as an important indicator for determining the level of development of a country. If freight and passenger transport are shared in a balanced manner between the road and the rail, that country has realized and developed the industrial revolution. If the highway weighs heavily, it could not have realized the industrial revolution; The commonly used phrase "evolving." The first example Germany, France, European countries such as the UK, while the second sample given Turkey.

As a result of a transport policy unscientific 60 recent years, Turkey imperialist practices were followed. As a result, instead of the railway, the road is imposed and the transportation systems are made rival of each other. However, transportation systems are not rivals, complementary to each other. full situation has been reversed in developed countries, in Turkey as a result of these practices; While the share of railways and maritime lines in transportation has been reduced from 40 to 5, the share of highways has been increased to% 95.

We have 4.559 km railway network until the end of 2012 with 12.008 km railway network before the Republic. However, the state of the railway network in our country today is frightening. The 75 of the transportation is provided on a single line. The% 79 of the current lines is the non-electric line and has the signaling of% 33. The twisting (curvature) radii of the current lines are below the world standards (2500 m). The curve of the% 34 is smaller than 2000. While the world-class normal slope is below the 10 per thousand, the 25 of the current line is above the 10 slope per thousand. In places where the slope is greater than 10 per thousand, the speed of the trains is reduced and the weight of the load will be limited.

The axle pressure of the 63 section of the current path is below the 20 ton / axle pressure. In world standards, this ratio is 20 ton / axle. The axle pressure, which indicates the load that the rails can withstand, is proportional to the force of the locomotives. If the axle pressure of the line is low, heavy load cannot be carried and the speed of the trains cannot be increased. The age of the 26 of the rails on the existing railway is over the 20 year. Excessive wear is observed on these rails that fill their economic life. As a result, fractures and accidents occur.

67 of the current line 49,05 kg / m,% 11 46,303 kg / m rail is made. These are long welded rails of various sizes. The rails in European countries are 60,0 kg / m and only the 22 of the rails in our country are included in this class. All these data show that the existing rail network is not technically sufficient. It is also clear that the current rail network is insufficient in length.

    1. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: "What did you knit?" There is nothing you knit. In Turkey with iron nets we weave. " said. So, has there been any important work on the railway network after the Republican period?

Before the Republic, there was a 4.559 railway network. This railway network has become a total of 2012 km at the end of 7.449, with an increase of 12.008 km. The 90 of 7.449 km of 3.741 km increased during the 1923 year. The 1950 was built between 27 and 3.708 for the year. So the 1950 year after the republic, the railway made by 2012 year is equal to each other. We can explain this as follows; After the US siege, around 62 years, the railroad has been abandoned and the road construction has been focused on. As a result, railways were left to their fate. Today, due to trains and railways of technical life, the average 27 mileage and the maximum speed of 62 in passenger transportation can be made. Nowadays, there is only a network of 60 km as the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line. Is this the Turkey-knit network of railways? Moreover, its name is YHT only, it is not high speed, it is only fast. In the 40 of July 60 this mindset was the m accelerated train tren in Sakarya Pamukova (such a statement is not available in the literature and it is impossible to say 'high-speed train').

  1. In addition to the social and social revolutions that are desired to be emphasized in the Year Anthem, development plans, industry plans, sugar factories, printing factories, railways, Sümerbank and Etibank. 1929 - Industrial production in the world increased by 1939% between 19, the Republic of Turkey has increased by 96%. The average growth rate in the world from 5%, was 10% in Turkey. Those who are in conflict with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his principles and revolutions cannot understand anything from the 10th Anniversary. These have been trying to drag our country towards the medieval darkness by weaving our country with spider webs for 11 years. The iron nets of the Atatürk period symbolized complete independence and anti-imperialism. The spider webs of today are the puppets of imperialism and the tongs of the dark. Ignoring this proud past, they do not know themselves who want to settle with the secular and democratic republic, they will drown in the dark.
  • How is the process for the privatization of TCDD now and what does the law on the liberalization of railways mean?

TCDD has the right to transport freight and passengers on railways in our country. The privatization studies in railways, which started in 1995 with the Booz Allen & Hamilton report, continued with the Canac report, a Canadian company, during this period, many services provided by the institution were started to be carried out by the private sector, businesses were closed, trains operating on unprofitable lines were discontinued and many similar application has been implemented. TCDD, in 2005, issued a regulation stipulating the private sector to operate on railways. However, the Council of State canceled this regulation and stated that it was a privatization. He warned that a law should be enacted so that the private sector can carry passengers and freight.

24 adopted by the Parliament in April 2013 and 1 May 2013 days into effect upon its publication in the Official Gazette "Turkey Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" with all these processes in the private sector transfer of the completed rail transport will be carried out.

With this law, TCDD will be restructured as a railway infrastructure operator. The units related to the train operation of TCDD were separated and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. It will be established. TCDD will act as a railway tasarruf infrastructure operator ap on the part of the national railway infrastructure network, which is transferred to the state-owned railway infrastructure.

By this law, private companies will be able to enter railway transportation. Public legal entities and companies; to build their own railway infrastructure, to be a railway infrastructure operator on this infrastructure and to be a railway train operator on the national railway infrastructure network. In case companies want to build a railway infrastructure; The immovable properties required by the railway infrastructure, the expropriation value shall be collected from the relevant company and expropriated by the Ministry and the right of easement shall be established for the purpose of the related company without any exceeding 49 year.

The government and the TCDD bureaucrats argue that with the new law, the railroads will have a structure that will be able to survive and compete against the bulky structure. However, the cumbersome structure of the railways has nothing to do with the laws. Priority for railway transportation, which is a public service, needs to be security. However, with the privatization, the idea of ​​making profit by putting the security in the second place will go to the first plan. The need for railways is not privatization, but rather the renovation of rails and vehicles whose technical life has expired.

It is not possible to renew the railway line which we mentioned above with technical deficiencies without public resources, with private sector investments for profit or to make new lines. In this case, it is unthinkable to provide a qualified public transport service by a profitable company on a railway. Then it is possible to come to our mind; What is intended to be done is to either purge a part of the existing railway network in an insufficient condition, to continue the system based on road transport or to open up new areas of exploitation to the imperialist companies by supporting private sector enterprises with public resources. It is evident that both cases will not serve the development and independence of our country. A road-based transportation system means to continue to buy oil-dependent oil, so that our country's resources will be wasted and exploited.

Society has learned the outcomes of privatization very well. There are many examples of this in the world. With the privatization of the railways, passengers will receive higher wages, the quality of the service will be reduced, some lines will be closed and, worse, accidents will increase as a result of ignoring safety. The privatization of railways also means insecurity of employees.

  • especially transportation is still a major problem for Turkey. What can be done to solve this problem and the role of the railway network here?

The Republic of Turkey has mismanaged our great leader after the death of Ataturk. Especially in the hands of right and shallow governments, imperialism has become a toy and all kinds of unscientific practices have been made. Transportation is one of them and it is still one of our most important problems. In Turkey, it must first provide a balance between rail and road. Today, the difference between the 95 highway and the 3 railway should be improved in favor of the railway. For this, good planning of investments, renewal of existing infrastructure, use of petroleum-based fuel should be avoided. With a real scientific approach, it is possible to solve both urban and urban transportation. With national projects, it is possible to achieve them all under the leadership of patriots.

Remember to remember; young Republic of Turkey in Kayseri Aircraft Factory was established in October 6 1926 history. In 1940, Etimesgut Aircraft Factories were established in Akkopru and 1944 and many different aircraft were produced. Some of them were sold to other countries. 1961 was the honor monument of Turkish workers and engineers at the Eskişehir Railway Factory. The first Turkish steam locomotive, 1915 horsepower, weighing 97 tons, was the first Turkish steam locomotive, 'Karakurt'. In October 70, the car, called the 'Revolution', was produced as the first domestic car in the Eskişehir Railway Factory as a result of the devoted work of Turkish workers and engineers.

in the development process in countries like Turkey, which is a priority in road transport divided highway or fashion nowadays (double road) instead, definitely should be given to rail. As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our great leader, emphasized in his speech in the opening speech of the Parliament in 1937; ”Railways are a sacred torch that enlightens a country by the light of modernization and prosperity.“

  • What do you want to say as last words?

xnumx's% of the total energy consumed in the transportation sector in Turkey. The% 22 of this belongs to the highway, the% 82 to the railway, the 2 to the sea and the 2 to the airline. While the share of road transportation consuming% 14 of the total energy is% 82, the share of railway transportation consuming% 95 of total energy is% 2. When Turkey's dependence on foreign fuel at rates considered to be 4%, are emerging that require a serious change in transport policy. Today, only the share of rail freight transport is able to put on 90%, will be able to get rid of about 30 million mxnumx can be achieved average oil saving and Turkey 10 billion dollar loss.

Using the Temelli - Beypazarı - Mudurnu - Akyazı pass, which is among the priority national projects of our country, a real and scientific high-speed train project, which will go to these two cities in 400 minutes, should take place by constructing a double line, 75 km electric railway between Ankara and Istanbul. Otherwise, our connection to imperialism continues increasingly, with projects that are not scientifically eye-catching, called the accelerated train or high-speed train, as the political power did. This means constant poverty and economic crisis.

From a country ruled as the toy of imperialism, it is a dream to expect national projects. Because imperialism will be exploited, the national industry is against the demands of domestic production. If there is no patriotism in the rulers of the country, you become a society that is continually exploited, constantly being impoverished, and gradually becoming nationally valued by embracing imperialism. For this, national projects are very important.

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