Landslide on D-655 Highway in Düzce

Landslide on D-655 Highway in Düzce: Landslide occurred on D-655 Highway in Düzce. While the Düzce direction is closed to transportation, transportation is provided bidirectionally from the other direction.
While rainfall was effective last night, landslide occurred in the Şifalı Su area of ​​D-655 Highway, which provides transportation between Düzce and Zonguldak. The soil on the hill slid over the retaining wall. While the highways closed the direction of Düzce for transportation for security reasons, it turned the area with landslide with concrete barriers to prevent the soil from sliding further to the road. Trees also fell due to the slipping of the soil. While Düzce direction was closed to transportation, Zonguldak direction was opened to transportation in two directions.



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