Climbing Enthusiasts Meet in Uludağ

Climbing Enthusiasts Meet at Uludağ: The “Uludağ Mix Climbing Festival”, which will be held for the 5th time this year, begins. Approximately 200 mountaineers will come together in Uludağ during the two-day festival.

Winter and nature tourism in the center of Uludag held in March every year since 2011 Uludag Mixed Climbing Festival, is seen as one of the most important in its category climb festivals in Turkey. Turkey's climbers who come from many provinces while finding opportunities in different climbing routes 30 this festival, we will live a weekend full of adrenaline. Serkan Ertem, who organized the Uludağ Mixing Festival at 5 for years, said: üzere With the increasing number of participants, the festival contributes to the promotion of Uludağ's mountaineering, climbing and alternative tourism potential, especially in the Bursa region. This year we will prepare for the Uludag Mix Climb Festival promotional film to participate in international festivals and we plan to promote the foreign climbers and climbers to come to the region, '' he said.

Ertem stated that he will continue to work for Uludağ to turn into a mountaineering center by preparing the English edition of the guidebook named “Uludağ Mixing Climbing Guide”.

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