Austrian undersecretary broke his foot while skiing

Austrian undersecretary broke his foot while skiing: AUSTRIA Undersecretary of Embassy in Ankara Sabine Kroissenbrunner broke his foot on Mount Suphan, where he and 5 teamed up to ski together. Gendarmerie teams were trained by the Undersecretary.

Undersecretary Sabiine Kroissenbrunner, who climbed up to Mount Suphan in the Tatvan District of Bitlis yesterday with 5 friends to start skiing, started to descend after a while. Trying to ski in an area on the slope of the mountain, Kroissenbrunner broke his thought foot. His friends called for help for the injured Undersecretary Kroissenbrunner.

Dispatched gendarmerie and medical teams took the wounded Undersecretary Kroissenbrunner from the mountain with a crawler ambulance. Undersecretary Kroissenbrunner, who was first intervened in Adilcevaz State Hospital and transferred to Van Regional Training and Research Hospital, was declared to have good health.

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