Bursa 3 missed a billion-dollar investment

Bursa missed the investment of 3 billion dollars: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) President İbrahim Burkay said that Bursa had missed at least 2-3 billion dollars of foreign investment last year.

Burkay, the number of foreign companies established in Turkey in January-November period of 2014, while 41 thousand 383; He explained that this figure remained at 19 in a central city such as Bursa, production, trade and export.

Stating that foreigners want space allocation to invest in Bursa, but they do not have such a field, Burkay said, "There is a need for a new specialized OIZ in Bursa where high-tech investments will be made."

Giving information that Bursa has missed at least 2-3 billion dollars of foreign investment since they could not show place last year, Burkay noted that they are constantly meeting with companies wishing to invest in Bursa and that the demand is mainly for the automotive, automotive supply industry and machinery sector.

Burkay, transferring is currently 2 large companies wishing to invest in the rail field Bursa from Europe, he voiced their production in Eastern Europe these companies and R & D centers want to move to Turkey.

Explaining that they are working to create a high-tech region, Burkay said, “The area we are going to establish is; It will be a place where the logistics center is planned, the rail systems and the highway pass through, and are connected to the port. We are carrying out this work with the coordination of our Prime Minister, Industry Minister, Bursa Governor and Bursa Metropolitan President. At this point, legal personality began to form. At the end of 2016, a new OIZ will be launched. ”

“Even existing companies cannot find a place in OIZs in Bursa to grow their business.” İbrahim Burkay said that even existing companies could not find a place in OIZs in Bursa to grow their business.

the fact that R & D spending should benefit the company in the building, that transfers waste land Burkay, Europeans they met with 3 large fund, said they would make the building, which needs investment to the company, "This will be a first in Turkey. When the company comes to us, we will make the building that it wants according to the type of investment it will make and fund them with 15-year term, cheap financing opportunities without spending money on the building. ”

Stating that all countries in the Far East implemented this system, Burkay, there is no firm in the building for the investment itself does not do, he said.

When Bursa is transformed in space, aerospace, defense and rail systems, Burkay emphasized that 14 billion dollars could be exported to 75 billion dollars and 75 could not be captured.

Pointing out that with the investment made by Renault, Bursa contributed 3,5-4 billion dollars to the export, Burkay stated that the investment of such 2 companies would contribute 7 billion dollars to the export of the city.

Explaining that they are in cooperation with approximately 27 universities as BTSO, Burkay underlined that they will bring 4 centers of excellence to Bursa and they started two of them.

“We had an investigation into why Detroit sank”

Burkay said that as BTSO they will open a center in Houston, this center will be a kind of contact center for companies interested in space and aviation.

Detroit's why an American company to make a study which reveals that sank towards Burkay, "We always said 'Turkey's Bursa Detroit' was called. We perceived it as a beautiful thing. Because Detroit was the fourth city in the American economy. Not even in the top 4 right now. When the management there could not compete in automotive, he invested in tourism and service sector. When these investments did not return, they could not pay their loans and the city went bankrupt. ”

Emphasizing that they take Stuttgart as an example, Burkay said that they were investigating the places that did not make mistakes like Detroit for the same company, and that Bursa was identified with Stuttgart according to the report.

Explaining that there are 14 centers of excellence in Stuttgart, Burkay stated that companies are benefiting from these centers.

That Turkey was USD 4 of the export target per kilogram reminiscent of Burkay, already is 3 dollars 98 cents in Bursa this figure, in this case in Bursa in 2023 $ 8 figure should reach this figure rail systems, catch up with the space and aviation they might gold he drew.

“This fluctuation in exchange rate is not normal”

Burkay, Turkey said that the rise accelerated when it gave weight to the structural reforms.

Stating that this fluctuation in the exchange rate is not normal, Burkay said that the central bank is not a place to comment, it is the executive.

Reminding that Erdem Başçı had previously given the 1,92 target for the dollar, Burkay reminded that Başçı made a similar mistake in interest rate cuts and said that if the inflation goes down by 1 point, they will meet and talk about the rate cut.

Explaining that Başçı has created an expectation and the market has bought it, Burkay stated that Başçı did not fulfill this because inflation dropped by 0,93 percent, so that both the interest rate and the exchange rate have increased, “If you are taking both of these out of control, there is a problem here. it means ”.

Burkay's good to be pointed out that these two issues, said that in the second half of the Fed's interest rate hikes, Turkey and expressed the need to enter this period with a lower interest rate.

Underlining that they supported and supported the Central Bank President Erdem Başçı, Burkay said, “But in this process, it should work a little more harmoniously. Independence does not mean incompatibility. ”

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