Canada's national railway company visits VIA Rail

Canada's national railway company visited VIA Rail Marmaray: Pierre Santoni, the senior director of domestic and international sales of VIA Rail, Canada's national rail company, and Pierre Santoni, a representative of the International Railways Association, visited Marmaray.

  1. Pierre SANTORİ, who was welcomed by Deputy Regional Director Halil KORKMAZ and Marmaray Passenger Director Rahmi GÜL, was visited to Marmaray Yenikapı Station. Information about the historical monuments during the construction of Marmaray SANTORİ, Marmaray Memorandum was signed.

Pierre SANTORİ who visited the Operational Control Center after moving to Üsküdar with Marmaray, 1 after watching the unique Bosphorus view at the exit of the station. Regional Director Metin AKBAS visited in his office. Railway operations in Canada and Turkey about mutual visits took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere were exchanged. Regional Manager Metin AKBAŞ presented Pierre SANTORİ with a gift to the memory of his trip to Istanbul.

Pierre SANTORİ, who also visited Sirkeci Gar Station, left Istanbul to move to Bucharest with Bosfor Express.



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