Northern Ring Road Good News from Deputy Koca

Good News of Northern Ring Road from Deputy Koca: AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Salih Koca gave information about the Highway Project and that the Northern Ring Road will pass through Sivrihisar, Beylikova, Alpu districts and Muttalip Neighborhood and connect Eskişehir to İnegöl and Bursa. He said that all the work has been completed.
AK Party deputy Salih Koca in Eskisehir, Labor District organized a meeting of the public before the meeting answered questions from members of the press. It is stated that the implementation of the neighborhood representation is a new practice, and that Emek Mahallesi is the 3 representative and that the representatives of 71 Houses, Gündoğdu and 75 Year will follow. As for the Big Highway Project, he said that they are conducting a study that will connect the Northern Ring Road with Sivrihisar, Beylikova, Alpu districts and Muttalip Mahallesi and connect İnegöl and Bursa. He added that all the works have been completed and reminded that the Northern Ring Road will be built within the scope of this project. He added that in this context, projects belonging to the South Ring Road of 54 are being prepared and that the municipalities are expected to do the necessary work in order to be included in the investment program.

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