Trains Stop by Haydarpaşa Station Restaurant Still Continuing to Serve

Why should Haydarpasa remain as a train station?
Why should Haydarpasa remain as a train station?

Even if the trains do not stop, Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant is still standing: With its 110-year history, Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant, which is the witness and even the center of dozens of stories, lives with its regulars even if they are not passengers. Since 1964 KadıköyCenk Sözübir, the third generation operator of the venue run by the Sözübir family, said: “I miss the smell of the trains. But I believe those trains will come back to this gara one day. ”

There was little to lift the train
Kadıköy We were at the pier with Cemal
Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant
Steamers in the mirror of water

19 March 1969 with Cemal Süreya, Istanbul, Istanbul, Ankara, they shed the train journey to the lines of Muzaffer Buyrukçu, told Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant. It was the meeting place of many poets, writers, dancers, friends, people who fell on the roads. In I like the return of Ankara to Istanbul the most “was the first place they breathed before diving into the city's rumble.

When the Haydarpaşa Station, which is full of memories that brought Anatolia to Istanbul, was built in 1908, Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant became active after the guardian of the world gothic architecture in Istanbul. Since 1964, as it is today, as a tavern Kadıköyis run by Sözübir family. Now the helm is in the third generation. Cenk Sözübir, who spent his childhood, grandfather and father in this historical building, tells how the 50-year story started:

Çalış My grandfather is a railway employee. 1964 is taking over this restaurant. It's a tradesman-style place. My grandfather Esat Sözübir after running this place for many years, my father continues to run my uncle Adil Sözübir. Now we have been running together with my uncle's wife Gülümser Sözübir for nearly 15 years.

My childhood was here, even my whole life ... When I was a kid, I'd stay in the vault and put a water casing in my pants because my size didn't grow. I have already read tourism and hospitality. My whole life was spent in the Haydarpaşa Gar building and restaurant, aşa he says.


We ask Cenk Sözübir about the difference between Haydarpaşa and Haydarpaşa in his childhood. Describes:

. A lot of difference in all respects. It was a place where all journalists, writers, poets visited. Selim İleri's table, for example. Then everyone used train. In the evening you would see all the famous people here because they would go to Ankara by bed train. Now our guest profile has changed. A different generation has arrived. Especially in the evening when we make live music at the weekend, our very young friends come. Most of them are women. Since it is a very old business, young people are searching and coming, women know that our guests can sit comfortably. Çok


Cenk Sözübir believes that Gar Restaurant's customers get this trust from their management, which has become a family with their regulars and employees:

Uş For example, our friend Olcay's father, who was the conductor of this place, was shaking me in his leg. He worked with my grandfather and father and now continues with us. So we've been working with friends we've been with for so many years. The bar is evident to our customers. They're here every night, since my father Her akşam


Trains don't come to Haydarpasa Train Station for two years. Finally, steamers and engines have been removed. The buffets are already gone. Gar Restaurant is the only living corner of Haydarpaşa. The taxi stop and public toilet continue to work for the rastaurant. Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant is the place where people come to eat, not those who say in let's take two single Hayd before they go longer. This is the case, but if Haydarpaşa Project is implemented, what is the age-old space is a mystery.


: This place dies without trimming, “he says.

“Maybe if this was a cultural center, I could earn more, but believe me, I don't want to. I want it to continue like this. Because I lived those days. I inhaled the smell of trains. I miss that scent. But I believe those trains will come back here. This is the place where happiness and sadness are experienced at the same time. I know the one who came with a wooden suitcase until a year ago. With what hopes I came and saw the helpless person standing on those stairs. What stories have we witnessed… This is the spirit of Haydarpaşa and this spirit must be kept alive.”


Although it is in the middle of the city, you will not hear the noise of the city, but it appears like a photo. Kadıköy and Haydarpaşa Gar Restaurant with one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul with its view of the Historic Peninsula. It sits opposite the walls with tiled walls, old Istanbul photographs, and portraits of masters who are not alive now, and you cannot imagine who had touched these large columns in 106 years and who were sitting at the walnut tree tables.

Those who want to witness this beautiful view include Selim İleri, Candan Erçetin, and Ayşegül Aldinç. Approximately four years ago, they made a partnership with Mythos, one of the concept locations of Urla, and enriched their tables with Urla and Mythos' appetizers. Sea bass bite, Cretan crushing, Albanian peppered eggplant crushing, cherry leaf wrapping, leaf liver most popular flavors.


Haydarpaşa Mythos has live music on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The fixture menu is served with the chapters. Other days it is possible to get a la carte menu. Appetizers made with indigenous and natural products vary between 8.00-22.00 TL. The fixed menus have a price range from 115 to 145 TL. Live music is required to make a reservation in the evening.

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