Invisible Heroes Mechinists

Invisible heroes of irony machinists: 3 spends his days in the square meter to take bread to their homes. By the weather, the mechanics who head the locomotive go for miles on the tracks.

Mechanicism is perhaps the most difficult and self-sacrificing professions. Mechans who cannot spend holidays on holidays, cannot spend weekends with family and are separated from their loved ones for a long time, reveal the difficulties of their profession.

The machinists say goodbye to their families in the evening, which is the second home of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) is on its way to the locomotive in the 2nd Region Directorate Directorate of Maintenance Workshop Loko.

Every day, he brought the story of the invisible heroes into the photo frame.

'We gave our life to the railways'
Kenan Gürbüz and Halil Demirtaş, who have been working at TCDD for 16 years, have been working between Ankara and Kayseri for 10 years. Gürbüz and Demirtaş, who are in charge of taking the Eastern Express train they took from Ankara to Kayseri, transfer the train to other mechanics in Kayseri and bring the 4 September Blue train to Ankara the next day.

Machinists Gürbüz and Demirtaş meet at Marşandiz and receive the locomotive of the Eastern Express Train, which is under maintenance and will depart from Ankara to Kars, by filling the required forms from the Locomotive Workshop Directorate of TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate.

Gürbüz, the mechanic in charge of taking the Eastern Express train, which runs between Ankara and Kars every day at 18.00:XNUMX, to Kayseri, stated that he was at home three days a week and was outside the province for the rest of the time.

Stating that he misses his family very much, Gürbüz said, “I love my profession, attention is very important in mechanics, I do not want to leave a bad mark on the railways. We gave our life to the railways, 'he said.

'We became each other's confidants'
Gürbüz and Demirtaş spend most of their time in the three square meter marquise. Explaining that the passengers complain about waiting for a long time at the stations, Demirtaş said, 'Trains sometimes wait, dispatchers (movement experts) wait. A train is coming from the opposite side, so we wait, but the passenger says 'why are we waiting'. We make an effort to ensure that the train is at the station on time, ”he said.

Noting that they have been traveling between Ankara and Kayseri with his colleague Demirtaş for 10 years, mechanic Gürbüz said that they spent time with his colleague more than his wife. Gürbüz said, 'Now we are looking for each other in civilians. Our friendship is eternal, we have become each other's confidants. Sometimes we tell our memories. We empty our heart during the journey 'he said.

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