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📩 24/11/2018 13:34

The center to finish the traffic in Istanbul: The Smart Transportation Systems Laboratory established at Boğaziçi University is looking for a solution to the city's traffic congestion. According to experts, the road to traffic is increasing the vehicle. Metro should be done. When the bridge is stuck, the toll should be increased.
Boğaziçi University students are looking for solutions to Istanbul's infuriating traffic. As part of the Akıllı Traffic Control Center Laboratories for Universities i project organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) with universities, the instructors work at the Intelligent Transport Systems Laboratory established at Boğaziçi University to find a solution for the never ending traffic congestion. Boğaziçi University Civil Engineering lecturer at the beginning of the laboratory Assist. Assoc. Dr. According to Ilgın Gökaşar, the key to traffic in Istanbul is hidden in the bridges. Gokasar, Istanbul traffic detection and solution proposals as follows:
Why is traffic in Istanbul so jammed?
Traffic jams have very simple reasons. One of them change the strip. The other is to stop unnecessarily.
What are your suggestions?
Using smart transportation systems effectively… What is smart transportation system? For example, things like the information on how long people can get to the point they want to go from where they are on mobile phones, the information on how long it will take to reach that point on all signs showing whether the road is open or closed ...
Will the warnings work?
Our work shows that people have increased travel time if they match the 100 to such marks. The fastest flow of traffic is achieved when the compliance with the markings showing that this type of work is in the future is at the level of 30.
Like the chaos experienced when the lane was closed during the improvement work on the FSM Bridge.
There was a serious wrong, the bridge crossing was made free. In fact, people should not be encouraged to the bridge to prevent traffic to be blocked, on the contrary they should be discouraged from that bridge. In other words, instead of the free pass, the FSM Bridge should be promoted and the people should be encouraged to maritime transportation.
The biggest reason for congestion is that people prefer private cars instead of public transportation… How can public transportation be encouraged?
One of these laboratory studies is exactly on this subject… We have a great Akbil data. We know where people go from where they go. We know which public transportation is needed after the metrobus. What needs to be done here is for people to take the second public transport vehicle smoothly when they get off to use the metrobus… The solution for Istanbul traffic is in the subway.
How is the fastest relief of Istanbul traffic in the first place? So at what point is the solution found comfort?
Bridges… If you can arrange the bridge traffic in a planned way, all Istanbul traffic will be relieved seriously.
Widening the paths can be a solution?
No. Because when the road expands, you will increase the number of those who demand that path. He will not use the way to be used as a wide person. The more roads you make, the more traffic the vehicle enters.

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