Germany wants to combine Chinese railway line with BALO

Germany wants to unite the Chinese railway line with BALO: The demand from abroad for BALO, which has transported the cargoes of Anatolia to Europe in a short time such as 4, is increasing. Duisburg Development Agency (GFW) officials, who visited BALO AS last week, said they want to merge the Yuxinou block train line between China and Germany with BALO. GFW CEO Ralf Meurer, "China and Turkey, our most important trading our partners. We believe that combining these two lines will bring significant advantages to all three countries. Bu Mr. Turgut Erkeskin, Board Member of BALO AŞ said, BAL We will consider the offer. We can combine these lines if we believe that it is economically efficient and advantageous Ekonomik.

North Rhine - Westphalia NRW official development agency Invest in Duisburg Development Agency in collaboration with officials from Turkey also visited the World Gazette. . Duisburg, one of the most important transfer centers in Europe, is also the largest river port in the world, bir said Ralf Meurer, GFW General Manager. Loads from Antwerp, Amsterdam and Noterdam ports go to other countries via Duisburg. It also loads arriving by train from China and Turkey also distributed to Europe. We want to support the lines passing through the region. Böl Meurer stated that the center of many large companies in Europe are here, and there are many Turkish companies in the region and the number of Turkish companies that want to use the region as a distribution center has increased. Emphasizing that there are big investment opportunities in the region for the logistics companies, Meurer said, bölge Logistics is developing rapidly instead of these sectors in the region where coal and steel industry is declining. Investment companies are also given various incentives. We are ready to work with Turkish logistics companies. We believe that there are important opportunities for them in our region. Onlar

Turkey is one of the main reasons for visiting BALL Inc. with Meurer, indicating that to increase cooperation, mutual weekly three flights that they cared very prom Duisburg and said they wanted more use of this route. Meurer also said that they want to combine the Yuxinou line with BALO from Duisburg, China, which is very important for Germany. Because railways are more suitable than highways and are important in terms of emission reduction. Turkey and China, our powerful trading partners. We want to create the most appropriate conditions for Turkish goods or Chinese goods to reach Germany and Germany to these countries. In this sense, we want to combine the two routes. Bu

21 goods from China in the day

Ü This trade line is very important to us. 16 reaches Duisburg by rail from China in a day time. This line, which is twice as fast as sea transportation and cheaper than the 50, is important in terms of offering both cost and time advantages. Yüzde BALL Inc. Board Member Turgut Erkeskin while stating that they would evaluate the demand for unification of Duisburg Development Agency of Yuxino and BALL block train line he said: "From the goods from the German investment agency from China to Duisburg come to a line with Turkey will be opened there and Turkey He said he wanted a line to deliver goods from Duisburg to China. We also took this issue into consideration. cost analysis. If we believe that it will be more economical and advantageous, we can evaluate this proposal. Between these two lines merging said Turkey and China if shipments of goods that can be done with the railways 21 days. "

First company to be established in Germany

Turgut Erkeskin, Board Member of BALO AŞ, stated that the officials of the Duisburg Development Agency stated that BALO AŞ had invited them to establish a company in Duisburg. Mr. Erkeskin informed that the first foreign office of BALO will open in Germany and that the city where the office will be established will be Duisburg. Mr. Erkeskin stated that they could get some support in the establishment of the company in this region and said al The company is appointed as an expert on NRW. The expert is there to help us carry out the necessary procedures. Support is provided in finding elements Eleman. Now that the 3 XOYAN XOYH XXX XIUMX XIl X'I end of the week until the end of this number 2014'ye indicating to target Erkeskin Erkut, 8 2015 said they planned to go on the expedition.

China to Turkey will go over the lines they seek

Duisburg Development Agency General Manager Ralf Meurer stated that they want to create a new railway line that can go to China via Turkey, in addition to combining the BALO line with the China line. Stating that they are currently transporting to China by rail via Russia, Meurer said, “We want to reach China with an alternative line that we can bypass Russia. It is important to have an alternative line when there is a problem on this line. We think we can do this with a line that will reach China via Turkey," he said. BALO AŞ Board Member Turgut Erkeskin emphasized that the Kars-Tifl is-Baku railway project will meet this demand of the Germans. Erkeskin, “Kars-Tifl is-Baku railway project is operational. kazanWe will provide a railway connection to the Far East via Turkey. In other words, the cargoes coming out of China will not pass through Russia, but will pass through Turkey and reach Germany. Moreover, such a route is also in question through Pakistan and Iran. A railway line is being established between China and Pakistan. Goods from China will come to Turkey via Iran via the Pakistan-Iran railway connection to be made in the future. Since we are already going to Duisburg with BALO, once the Pakistan connection is made, there will be a connection from China to Germany via Turkey. After the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line is completed, it will definitely and definitely be connected to Germany via the Far East and Turkey.”

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