Passenger Train Bumped into the Truck Driver Gave the Way (Photo Gallery)

Passenger Train Bumped into the Truck Driver gave a terrible life: In Suluova district of Amasya, the passenger train hit the truck at a level crossing. In the accident, the driver of the truck died badly.

41601 voyage from TCDD from Samsun to Sivas was hit by truck 61 FH 410 with uncontrolled stopping near Suluova Harmanağalı village. Under the influence of the crash, the truck left under the train drifted about 300 meters. Accident, located in the truck of the population of Trabzon, registered at the scene of the incident, Hasan Ballı 62 life in a disastrous way. A large number of firefighters at the scene of the vehicle trapped in the car with difficulty to remove Balli'nin. After the accident, the scraped van was removed from the train rails by the savior. Engineers Nuri E. and Faruk Ç. was detained. The train 3 continued on its way with other machinists after an hour's wait. The investigation was launched.



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