High speed train route Kahramanmaraşa

The route of the high-speed train has returned to Kahramanmaraş: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said that they will take the high-speed train to Kahramanmaraş.
Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, said they started the project work on the high speed rail line to connect to Kahramanmaras, "the Government of Turkey as the world 8. We have raised the level of high-speed train operator. We are now adding Kahramanmaraş to the high speed train network. ”
Minister Elven, Turkey said that the speed of high-speed train lines working within the target wander through and through.
Emphasizing that they have removed the dead soil on the railways with the mobilization they initiated, Minister Elvan said, “We have constructed 1951 kilometers of railroads in 2003 years, while 50 kilometers of railways were built in more than 945 years between 11-724. On the other hand, we continue the construction of 2 kilometers of railway. ”
Minister Elven, Ankara-Eskişehir in 2009. In 2011, the railways by opening the Ankara-Konya high-speed train lines stating that they start a new era, "Turkey as a Government we have increased the world's 8th-level high-speed train operator. We are now adding Kahramanmaraş to the high speed train network. Thus, the land of heroes, brave and land of saints, poets land of Kahramanmaras in Turkey we attribute more quickly, "he said.
Elvan stated that he believes that Kahramanmaraş's current effectiveness will increase much more with investments in transportation and communication infrastructure.
Elvan reminded that the Karaman-Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye lines were also included in the investment program.
“Osmaniye (Bahçe) - Construction works of Nurdağ section are ongoing. The General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments under our Ministry will complete the project work of the line that will provide the high-speed train connection from Nurdağ to Kahramanmaraş this year and we will meet Kahramanmaraş with the high-speed train as soon as possible. In fact, with the completion of Konya-Karaman and other lines in the investment program, the construction of which will be started, we will provide fast railway connection from İstanbul to Kahramanmaraş.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:12

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