Filyos-Zonguldak high-speed train service starts

📩 25/11/2018 19:15

Filyos-Zonguldak high speed train starts: AK Party Çaycuma Mayor candidate and current president Mithat Gülşen and his team welcomed the accelerated train arriving in the region.
Gülşen expressed his feelings about the issue as follows: “Our train, which was speeded up at 19:45, came this evening. Flights between Filyos and Zonguldak begin on Wednesday at 05.45 am. Our flights between Çaycuma and Zonguldak will start as soon as possible. It will be 40 minutes by train from Çaycuma to Zonguldak. Good to our people. ”
According to information received from the company officials, test flights began and Prime Minister Erdogan's visit to Zonguldak on March 26 learned that the opening. Meanwhile, along the Çaycuma Zonguldak railway line in the settlement of the train stations will continue to work in the renewal of the stops.

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