Stuttgart's warning strike will stop life

The warning strike in Stuttgart will stop life: There will be public warning strikes in various cities today and tomorrow across the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Public workers start 24-hour warning strike today in Karlsruhe and its surroundings
In the framework of the decision to strike in Karlsruhe and the surrounding cities today on the bus bus and tram lines will be done in the business slowdown. Buses will be set up for some lines to prevent citizens from experiencing great grievances. In addition, work to slow down in kindergartens will be done.
In the state capital Stuttgart, there will not be many tram, bus and subway flights from tomorrow. The job slowdown action in kindergartens will also be held in Stuttgart. In the letter sent to parents from kindergartens, children were asked not to go to kindergartens unless there was an emergency in terms of care. In the statement of the Ver.di Union, marches were organized within the scope of strikes. The union is demanding a wage increase at a rate of 3,5 for public employees.


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